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Lisa Resnick

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Dr. K Sridhar Offering Guided Robot for Spine Surgery at Global Hospital Chennai
Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai, talks back pain treatment and prevention with latest technology in field of spine surgery and better living.

Dr. K Sridhar, 11/24/2021 - As the population of people with back problem is increasing, so does the demand for healthcare resources. The good news is that robotic-assisted surgery in India is bringing the local population the highest level of care. Having undertaken 1000 robotic cases since 2018 in various surgical applications, Dr. K Sridhar India now has a robotic option for spinal surgery. “We continue to push the limits of this game-changing technology to perfect even more innovative and complex surgical procedures – redefining minimally invasive surgery,” says best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai.

Robotic-assisted surgery may improve accuracy and reduce risks, says the surgeon. Using robotic technology at Global Hospital Chennai increases accuracy and lessens risks. Advertising Feature Guided robotic surgery ‘Robotic technology is more like a self-driving car, but with the surgeon [pushing] the accelerator and the brake.’ The good news is that robotic-assisted surgery inside the country bringing the local populace the highest level of care. Having undertaken 1000 robot cases since 2019 in various surgical programs, specialists at Global Hospital Chennai now have a robot option for spinal surgical operation.

“A growing, and ageing, population is even more reasons for us to keep providing the excellent in healthcare, providing surgical options that achieve superior effects for our sufferers.” Mazor robotics’ renaissance spinal surgical procedure technology, supplied by the general practitioner, can also lead to patients experiencing much less post-operative pain, lower complication and faster restoration instances. Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai brings spinal robotics to the health center, one wherein the spinal service is already recognized for its clinical excellence.

Neurosurgeon Dr. K Sridhar India sees significant value in the Mazor equipment and says it marries the latest robotic technology with the drive for less invasive surgery. “Around 99 per cent of the paediatric surgery I do is to treat scoliosis, so we’re excited the Mazor robot is at Global Hospital Chennai,” says best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai. “Children have smaller bones than adults, so the technology is even more beneficial due to the increased difficulty of operations.

There’s also less risk of harming the spinal cord due to increased accuracy.” Even though the technology is robotic, the surgeon retains full control at all times. “While CT and MRI scans can be seen as navigation maps for a surgeon, robotic technology is more like a self-driving car, but with the surgeon still needs to push the accelerator and use the brake on time,” Dr. K Sridhar India says.

“My handpicked team of surgeon and medical staff has performed our artificial disc replacement procedure on hundreds of patients using our minimally invasive methodology, the latest in research, and technology available. We specialize in minimally invasive surgical solutions and pain management with the majority of our treatments having a 95% or higher success rate,” concluded best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai.

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