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Dr Balakrishnan Heart Transplant Surgeon India
Dr K R Balakrishnan
No. 52, 1st Main Rd, Gandhi Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai

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Dr KR Balakrishnan Helping People Live Better With Heart Transplant
There is nothing more complex than getting a heart transplants, and for that reason, Dr KR Balakrishnan is a veterans in the field of heart transplants in India...

Dr KR Balakrishnan, 8/04/2022 - A heart transplant, also known as a cardiac transplant, is a fairly sensitive manner that entails the replacement of diseased heart with a healthy, donor heart. This treatment is commonly advised to sufferers with the end-stage cardiac diseases or several coronary artery diseases that can't be handled with the help of every other intervention. A heart transplant is a rare procedure that is executed at some of the most superior and technically equipped by top heart transplant surgeon in India.

There is nothing more complex than getting a heart transplants, and for that reason, Dr KR Balakrishnan is a veterans in the field of heart transplants in India. His heart transplant surgical treatment plans are complete, advanced and ultra-modern program to offer you a new hope and a brand new lease of life. It is his endeavor that will help you get better and live lives as you've got usually desired - to its fullest. Top heart transplant surgeon in India has created an environment for groundbreaking research and innovative patient care, resulting in more treatment options, faster recovery times, and improved outcomes for patients. Dr KR Balakrishnan is committed to guiding and supporting his patients and their loved ones through the transplant process.

Success Story of top heart transplant surgeon in India on Abba Musa, 42 years old from Sudan. “One day suddenly I started with breathing trouble and was left out me breathless, I was very exhausted and at that time my wife noticed the signs and symptoms and we decided to visit the cardiac surgeon immediately to get right checkup, when i requested the physician the solution for it; he stated that heart transplant was the only effective alternative available. However, in my home country Sudan there was no such facilities where I could get such treatment done. Abba started researching medical tourism companies in India. When this matter was made known to India cardiac surgery service they started their lookout for a donor’s heart. We needed to wait for 10 days when they were given the donor’s coronary heart, and I was right away prepared for the surgical operation and taken to the operation room. I am thankful to Dr KR Balakrishnan.”

India Cardiac Surgery Service is a well-known medical enterprise in India presenting the quality heart transplant. We’re properly associated with fairly-experienced cardiologists with best for procedure the coronary heart transplant within a sensible success rate variety. We are related with the top hospitals in India and provide our sufferers the facility to choose top heart transplant surgeon in India for their treatment without charging them a great deal. Our crew at the concerned health center offers substantial care and assists to the patients at every step of the treatment and ensures that they benefit the best surgical care.

Dr. K R Balakrishnan India's Best Heart Transplant Surgeon

Director and Chief Cardiac Surgeon Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai

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