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Max Mongelli

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Dr. Max Mongelli Describes “Bleeding During Pregnancy is Common and Treatable”
Dr Max Mongelli, an Australian gynecologist has recently given his study on the topic “Why do mothers bleed in pregnancy”., 7/25/2016 - Sydney, 25 july 2016

Dr Max Mongelli, an Australian gynecologist has recently given his study on the topic “Why do mothers bleed in pregnancy”. In his study he stated that “Bleeding during pregnancy is common that affect up to 20% of all pregnancy and it can be occur in any trimester, during and after delivery”. He also stated that this bleeding is usually treatable.

He described that bleeding in the first trimester may be due to bleeding from the placenta or could be due to local causes such as lesions on the cervix or in the vagina and this bleeding in the first trimester is also known as threatened miscarriage. But the bleeding in the second trimester requires some medical assessment and ultrasound. In third trimester if any mother suffers heavy bleeding then it may lead to preterm delivery.

Max Mongelli showed his concern on the poor medical facilities in developing states. By his research he concluded that most deaths from bleeding occur in developing countries. There is poor antenatal care in developing countries. That is why Dr. Max Mongelli contributed to the development of the software for the customized antenatal growth charts, which are now widely used in the NHS and overseas.

Dr Max Mongelli has worked in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and in Singapore for six years. He is a Physician, researcher, and award-winning writer. He is a full-time specialist Obstetrician and Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Nepean Hospital, Sydney. He is an expert in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrician.

Max Mongelli has written a book on fatal growth named “The Low Birth Weight baby” along with professor Tambyraja. He also introduced web based undergraduate medical courses in which he included the topic “Drugs in Pregnancy” and “Assessment of Gestational Age”. He also shared his excellence in Development and Supervision of Special Study (Research) Modules for undergraduate medical students at the National University of Singapore.

Dr Max presented various papers at different conferences at global level. Many of these have been presented at international conferences such as the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He submitted his last paper in 2007 that was on topic “A Critical Evaluation of Electronic Fetal Monitoring” at Royal Newcastle Centre for determining the effectiveness of CTG’s in the prevention of Cerebral Palsy.

Mongelli is a great teacher and now days he is guiding other doctors and budding gynecologist for successful treatments and also in solving complication during pregnancy. Research by Max Mongelli is helping a lot to the doctors in successful treatment of pregnancy and the complications that comes during and after pregenancy.

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