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Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale VS Rationalewiki.Org Slander and Character Defamation
Supporters of Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale Rally to Raise Moneys For Legal Defense Team, 2/26/2014 - Dear Supporters:

RATIONALWIKI.ORG is an organization that has staged a character assault campaign against me to STOP my work of saving lives by informing the PUBLIC about the Dangers of EMF Radiation and Environmental Toxins. They do not want you to know that there are SIMPLE STEPS and easy to "use" NANO Technologies to help you transform your "SICK HOUSE, SCHOOL, BARN, or OFFICE" into a Healthy SMART living space.

They refuse to TELL the public that my NANO Technology won the 2011 INPEX GOLD MEDAL for the United States in Environmental Innovation (Engineering) in a 44 nation competition with over 1000 inventors competing. They also have not told the public that my ECO 180 Healthy SMART Indoor Remediation Plan is in resident at the prestigious, Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. It is directed by a TEAM of RETIRED Military Engineers. It is already being used by patients from The Cleveland Clinic, The Ohio State University, Sunrise Children's Hospital | Las Vegas, St Louis Children's Hospital, Northwestern University Hospital, University of Cincinnati, University of Chicago, Howard University, McGill University in Canada and others.

The people behind RATIONALWIKI.ORG DO NOT WANT you to be informed that you have the RIGHT TO REFUSE SMART METERS. They also don't want you to know that 95% of all cancers in America are being caused by toxic environments.(Columbia University Graduate School of Public Health) Their character assault of me shows their perpetuation of ignorance with no factual evidence of anything.

They have been SERVED with a CEASE & DESIST NOTICE. My Legal Team is preparing litigation now.

Your gift of $1,000 will help us expedite this process. Checks, bankwires, paypal and credit cards are accepted. Please GIVE today!

Inquiries. . .


Phone:: 513 275-1751, ext 106.

Together, we MOVE Forward. We MAKE Progress. We make homes, schools, barns, offices healthy inside. We save lives.

My special thanks for your FAITH in me. Your LOVE and devotion continues to be the strength that I climb with.

Very truly yours,

Dr. "A"

Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, RN

President & CEO

MiChi University, Inc dba

The MiChi Health EpiCenter

Distinguished Alumni, Teachers College

Distinguished RGHD Fellow, The Center for Health Equity,

Teachers College, Columbia University

2011 INPEX Gold Medalist for the USA

Alumni, Women's Fellow,

The John D. Rocekeller Intl House, NYC

Visionary for World Health

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