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Best Hip Surgeon Apollo Hospital Chennai
Dr Vijay Bose
Greams Lane, 21, Greams Rd, Thousand Lights, Chennai

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Dr. Vijay Bose Announces the First 3D Total Hip Replacement Surgeries Performed
Conformis most advanced hip replacement system is designed to increase operational efficiency, Dr. Vijay Bose Performed the First 3D Total Hip Replacement Surgery at Apollo Hospital Chennai...

Dr Vijay Bose Hip Surgery, 4/27/2022 - The most advanced, patient conformis hip replacement system designed to beautify operational efficiency for the general practitioner and enhance patient effects.

Conformis, Inc., a clinical technology organization that offers patient conforming joint replacement implants, today introduced completion of the primary total conformis hip system implants. The conformis hip system is the first ever 3-D designed number primary total hip replacement system. The primary surgical procedures had been executed by best hip replacement surgeon in Chennai India, and took place at Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute at Chennai.

“Our 3-D implant design method presents surgeons with interactive input and improves operational efficiencies in comparison to 2D templating. The design method produces particular individualized pre-navigated cutting guides and implants. A groundbreaking Acetabular reaming system has additionally been evolved,” said Dr. Vijay Bose.

Much like the design technique for the conformis knee technologies, the conformis hip system uses proprietary advanced imaging and design software program, to design, manufacture and deliver the suite of FDA-cleared patient conforming knee and hip replacement implants. After every affected person’s CT test is transformed into a 3-dimensional computer version, the specific measurements of each patient’s anatomy are transformed right into a comprehensive, individualized, pre-operative surgical plan this is brought to the healthcare professional well in advance of the operation. Surgeons are able to collaborate with conformis at some point of the planning technique in order to design the most excellent hip system for each patient based on doctor preferences.

“For the first time, orthopedic surgeons have a fully-guided machine designed to cope with the wide variations in anatomy supplied throughout our instances,” stated best hip replacement surgeon in Chennai India.

“Due to the accuracy of the customized pre-operative surgical plan, the 3D revealed patient conforming cutting conforming and hip implant additives, my hope is that with the brand new conformis hip system, surgeons may be able to improve both patient consequences and operational efficiencies.”

Each component of the conformis hip system is pre-navigated to suit the patient, with certain components designed in particular for that patient. The conformis hip system is brought directly to the health facility or surgical procedure center in a single patient-categorized kit, eliminating the need for extra inventory. Patient conforming, single use, 3-D revealed cutting guides are also covered, restricting the need for the tremendous amount of reusable devices required for a standard off-the-shelf total hip replacement.

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