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Phillip Fleck

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Drip-E-Mart Making Waves in the Streetwear Industry
The Hyde Park "Drip-E-Mart" capsule is scrutiny of the same technological advances., 8/04/2022 - Los Angeles (July, 2022) — n the U.S., 7-Eleven was the first established convenience store chain, although it was known as Southland Ice Company. Following 7-Eleven's start in Dallas, the next largest chain, Circle K, known at its inception as The Lawson's Milk Company, was founded in 1951. Now, almost a century later, both chains have locations around the world and serve as a rendezvous for tourists, friends, and (possibly, do not quote us on this) spies.

Sancho Saucy & Voochie P, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods Lil CJ Kasino, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods

In 1932, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who had eight of his buildings designated by UNESCO World Heritage sites, made the following observation: "Wherever the service station happens to be naturally located, these now crude and seemingly insignificant units will grow and expand into various distributing centers for merchandise of all sorts." Honestly, we see this phenomenon continuing to occur as society progresses.

Drip-E-Mart Grand Opening Instagram Post, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods

Inspired by The Simpsons’ iconic Kwik-E-Mart, along with Bodega's LA store and their hard-to-find items hidden in plain sight, the Hyde Park "Drip-E-Mart" capsule is scrutiny of the same technological advances that result in savings of time, effort, and resources; precisely the modern convenience or corner store which Wright wrote about.

Capsule products, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods Vanilla Trill & Cashout Ace, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods

The Drip-E-Mart storefront is decorated with Creative Director Hyde Park Jacob’s graffiti tag and hallmark smiley face. Some products have already sold out, such as the Drip-E-Mart tote bag, a playful take on the popular re-usable canvas bag, with straps made of the brand’s signature “You Aren’t Invited” logo on repeat, going for $350

Mock-up of the front of the Drip-E-Mart building, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods

Our untamable desire to push streetwear to be a rendezvous, or bridging point if you will, for strangers, sworn enemies, and those ambivalent about art, will hopefully follow the arc of the convenience store throughout history--from crude and insignificant to elevated and indispensable.

Jcorleone Richards, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods Lil Mexico HOV, courtesy of Hyde Park Goods

Hyde Park Goods can be found online at .

The brand also has a presence on social media, including Instagram and Youtube.

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