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Durapak Supplies
Durapak Durapak
1900 Tyler Avenue, Ste N South El Monte
Ca 91733, USA

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Durapak Is The Leading Supplier Of Hand Held Impulse Sealers
Durapak Suppliers is an international supplier of high-performance, affordable and reliable packaging and shipping materials to clients around the world., 12/04/2018 - Founded two decades ago, Durapak has been helping customers in the US and beyond, to reach their packaging and shipping goals through their range of products. Durapak among the fastest growing distributors of shipping and packaging products for small and large retailers based in the US. The firm has established a secure online shop where customers can shop for their products in the comfort of their homes. Some of the products available include cable ties, sealers, film, boxes, jewelry displays, cases, and many more.

Speaking about hand held impulse sealer, the CEO said, “UL approval, highly reliable and strong impulse hand sealer. It provides durable seals for almost any sealable plastic films and bags such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyurenthane, polyolefin, poly flex, mylar, P.V.A, Saran, etc. Wire replacement parts come with sealer. Flat wire sealer is commonly used for poly bags or tubing. Round wire sealer is recommended for seal and cut shrink film, tubing or bags. It provides cutting and sealing in one step, and no extra cutter is needed. It produces seal right at the edge without the lip. All work with 110 volts.”

An impulse heat sealer is a thermal heat-sealing device for sealing products in packaging film or bags. It works by delivering an instant high current pulse through a heater ribbon to a device surface. Impulse sealers come in various sizes and designs for multiple applications. They’re helpful in industries including apparel, food packaging, medical, and manufacturing. Regardless of your industry, it’s essential to invest in a sealer that accommodates your specific needs.

He further said, “An impact sealer is a wonderful investment for your business’s sealing requirements. Ensure to invest in a quality sealer from a reliable company. This should offer you various benefits including regular clean seals, low energy costs, and ease of use. Additionally, a device with a high safety standard is a must buy to avoid injuries during the process of using the sealer.”

Durapak are also shrink film manufacturers for industrial packaging and wrapping, PVC shrink tubing, PVC central fold shrink film, and polyolefin shrink film are for heat seal shrink packaging, stretch film wrap is for pallet wrapping, both hand wrap and machine wrap are available. Meat film and food film are suitable for supermarket use. Poly tubing can be cut to any length at your choice. It is great to make bags for packing odd shaped or extra-long products. Volume discount is available for all these items. Besides UPS, they also ship freight by truck to save customers shipping fees.

About Durapak Supplies

Durapak Suppliers is an international supplier of high-performance, affordable and reliable packaging and shipping materials to clients around the world. Offering a vast line of products, the firm has been able to cater to the different demands of their clients and delivering services to their customers regardless of their location.

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