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Electronic Health Records Makes it Possible to Access Health Files Anywhere Anytime
Managing health records manually is not an easy task with many reports generated every year depending on your medical condition., 1/06/2015 - Managing health records manually is not an easy task with many reports generated every year depending on your medical condition. The reports may get lost or difficult to keep track on all the medical files in a chronological order for the reference of your physician. So to put a check to all these problems you can now access the App to manage EHR which is based on cloud servers and encrypted with 256 keys offering best security to your digitalized personal health records that no one else can access without your authorization. By using this app you can upload all your medical files on to the cloud server so that you can manage the records anytime and from anywhere using your Smartphone.

So all you need to do is just click on the medical records like lab reports or prescriptions to upload and tag them with your family member so that you can manage all the family accounts. Once done you have all the reports segregated in chronological order to view all your records at one point and also making it easy to share with your physician. The medical facilities too can partner with this software provider making it easy for their patients to manage their accounts and reports directly through the mobile apps for medical records. The medical facilities can enjoy this service free of cost and don’t need to make any changes in their software as this app can directly integrate with their system software and is also offered free of cost. As it is backed up on the Amazon cloud server there is an unlimited storage capacity and also no worries about the server going down anytime.

By using the electronic health records you can now manage everything on your mobile which acts a bridge between your reports management and health concern. With the help of these mobile apps for medical records you can simply manage everything about your previous medical visits, prescriptions or reports tracking all your medical history on a single platform and easy to carry and access as and when needed. Moreover, you have the control with whom you want to share the records and also keep all your family health records on one account using the HOP and digitalized format. This health on phone works on all standard browsers like IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. So just download the personal health records management app and manage all your health records with a single touch.

Best Hospital EHR software online. integrates hospital EHR systems with Hospital EHR software which helps to store all your and your family medical records. You can access the information through our mobile phone app. Check our website for more information

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