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Kanika Sharma

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Electroplating Manufacturing Plant Project Report 2023-2028 | Syndicated Analytics
Electroplating refers to a process that utilizes electrical current to deposit a thin layer of metal on a substrate., 5/26/2023 - Electroplating refers to a process that utilizes electrical current to deposit a thin layer of metal on a substrate. It helps enhance the aesthetic appeal, wear resistance, and thickness of an object. Moreover, this technique also provides a protective layer against corrosion. Copper, zinc, gold, silver, nickel, tin, palladium, chromium, and iron are some commonly used metals in electroplating. As a result, electroplating finds widespread applications across the automotive, electronic, medical, oil and gas, defense, aerospace, and power generation industries.

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The growing application of electroplating in the automotive industry to prevent corrosion, improve the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, and enhance the presentation of exterior parts, such as emblems, door handles, hood ornaments, etc., is primarily driving the electroplating market across the globe. Additionally, the increasing employment of electroplating to refurbish old chrome sections, including bumpers, wheel rims, grills, etc., to extend their life span is also bolstering the market growth. Furthermore, the escalating utilization of the electroplating technique in the defense and aerospace sectors for providing a proper finish to machinery is creating a positive outlook for the overall market.

Apart from this, the increasing demand for electronic devices on account of elevating levels of digitalization and inflating expenditure capacities, along with the growing need for electroplating as it provides a protective coating to electronic components, is further augmenting the market growth. Moreover, the expanding jewelry industry and rising preferences for high-end metals, such as gold- or platinum-plated jewelry, are anticipated to bolster the global electroplating market in the coming years.

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