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Engine Re-Mapping Services Partners with Pendle Performance
Engine Re-Mapping Services Partners with Pendle Performance with AP Autocare

Engine Re-Mapping Service, 3/26/2020 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Bristol, UK - Engine Re-Mapping Services Partners with Pendle Performance

Pendle Performance is an engine tuning company which was started over 26 years ago and has a wealth of knowledge and many years of first-hand tuning experience.

They specialise in Engine Management Control system (ECU) software recalibration for cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles. They have in-house Chassis Maha LPS3000 Dyno facilities and close partnerships with leading hardware manufactures in the industry making them at the cutting edge of the tuning industry.

Pendle Performance are proud to be the first major UK tuning company that can offer a fully bespoke tuning service that no other UK company can match, and AP Autocare are a proud partner with Pendle Performance along with a network of professional agents across Europe.

As a dealer and partner with Pendle Performance we have state-of-the art equipment which enables us to read and write your vehicles engine control unit software. The software is sent to the main Pendle Performance development centre where it is custom tuned to suit yours and your vehicles requirements.

AP Autocare Performance Tuning

Our custom performance remaps enable us to tailor the software in your vehicle whether is a car, van or lorry so you get the most from its performance. Our professional software developers have years and years of experience customising vehicle software and each one we carry out is vehicle specific.

Vehicle manufacturers produce software for a vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU), also known as an Engine Control Module (ECM). It is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance and control the key functions of a car’s engine.

ECU is critical for measuring the systems operating throughout a car’s engine and has a range of sensors which feed into it, therefore, if something isn’t working correctly or isn’t re-mapped correctly then critical engine problems can arise.

Vehicle manufacturers tailor the ECU for vehicles in line with where they are manufactured for so they work in that particular climate and altitude; hot climates, cold climates and countries with poor quality fuel, and this can result in you not being able to get the best performance from your vehicle.

Having a custom performance remap with AP Autocare enables us to tailor the software so you get the most from your vehicle’s performance, in line with your requirements.

AP Autocare Custom Performance Remap on your petrol or diesel vehicle will:

- Increase Horsepower

- Increase Torque throughout the rev range

- Better throttle response

- Smooth power delivery


AP Autocare Economy Tuning

At AP Autocare we can remap your vehicle's software specifically aimed at fuel savings if that’s what you are looking for. An economy tuning focuses on increasing lower end torque which will, in turn, lead to better driving in higher gears at lower RPMs, and by adjusting the drivability this leads to less throttle requirement. The savings in fuel consumption vary but will be particularly best on turbo-charged diesel engines with possible gains of up to 20%.

About AP Autocare

AP Autocare has been in operation since 1976 and has grown to be one of the most reputable independent city centre garages in Bristol.

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