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Richardas Vitkus

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Essential Car Cleaning - Mobile Car Valeting | AutoCar Valet
Essential car cleaning service in South West London and Surrey. Basics of exterior and interior car valeting for a reasonably lower price. Ask for a quote now., 12/04/2019 - Essential car cleaning is the quickest car valeting procedure and the cheapest option available on the list of services. Unlike in mobile car valeting business, it is the most popular service provided by streetcar wash stations charging its customers up to £25 per vehicle.

Depending on the size of a vehicle, essential car cleaning takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete the work. If the car is being valeted regularly, valeting basics could be enough to keep the vehicle nice and clean.

General car cleaning involves exterior and interior cleaning duties to remove dirt that goes away using essential equipment and cleaning chemicals at no extra effort. In other words, the service is often being called 'street wash' or 'wash and go!'.

Essential car cleaning is suitable mostly for heavy-duty vehicles such as family cars, daily caring children and home pets, farming vehicles, etc. If the transport is about to be as dirty the next day as it was before cleaning, then the service should be considered as a top option.

Essential car cleaning, duties: car wash, wax, rinse, dry, tyres shined (on request); dashboard dusted, vacuuming seats, floors, and mats, windows cleaned.

For any enquiries, please contact Richardas Vitkus at AutoCar Valet on 07725 467011 or send an email to

AutoCar Valet

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