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Exciting Web Design Trends for 2019 in the UK
Read all about Web Design Trends for 2019 discussed by Digital NRG

Web Design Trends 2019, 6/13/2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

UK - Web Design and Website Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Your website is the 24-hour shop window for your business and like any shop window, it must be eye-catching and relevant to your customers and potential customers. A regular re-build of your website is essential if you want your website to continue to get the phone ringing or the online orders to continue. This article lists the elements of your new web design that the website “must have”, the anticipated trends in web design that will increase the conversion of website visitors to customers and the legal measures you must implement in 2019.

Why You Should Have a Redesign of Your Website

“My website is only a few years old, why do I need it redesigned?”, I hear you ask.

Internet users are expecting more from a company website. A few years ago they wanted to know the type of products you sold and your contact number. Now, they want more information, images and perhaps a video for each of your products and services. The customer wants to make a purchase decision whilst looking at your website. Your business, services and products evolve and so should the look and feel of your website. It would be naive for a business to consider a website build as a one-off purchase that never needs to be updated to an appealing look and or the latest functionality. How often have you changed the model of your mobile phone or computer, looking to get the latest technology, since your current business website was built?


If your business website has not been reviewed, updated and redesigned in the last 2 to 3 years, then planning and budgeting for a new web design should be very high on your to-do list.

Why Should I Spend Money On Redesigning My Website?

Competitors, market sectors and buying habits evolve, and your website should adapt to meet market forces. Your website is an extension of your whole business and it should be integral to driving up growth and revenues. Technological advances, user expectations and the goals of your business change and so should your website.

In the online world it as simple as a flick of a finger for a potential customer to go elsewhere if they don’t get the immediate impression that your business can fulfil their needs.

When you get the design, information, user experience and an easy to use website right – you will get more traffic, convert more visitors and grow your revenue.

Google Changes Within the Last 18-Months

Google, the search engine that gets the vast majority of search enquiries within the UK, has made a number of significant changes within the last year and a half. If your website has not adopted these changes it is likely slipping down the rankings. The good news is that these fundamentals can be incorporated into the new website rebuild.

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