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Explore Tips on Buying Used Trucks with BP Auto Spares India
The team at BP Auto Spares India gave tips for buying used trucks at a recent Press Release. The organization is an eminent name in the spare parts industry., 4/28/2015 - At a recent Press Release, the team of BP Auto Spares India, a leading MAN Spare Parts dealer, including MAN Truck Parts, gave away tips to buy used trucks. Led by their CEO, the team discussed various factors that need to be considered before buying a used truck.

The CEO of the organization said “Prepare your checklist before you decide to buy a used truck. This would help in selecting the right vehicle. Inspection of the automobile is important. It is always suggested that you inspect in broad daylight, as this would highlight any defects. Even a well-lit garage at night is not recommended. Also, the truck must be placed on the ground level so that one can check the fluids. Sellers may try to manipulate during the inspection. The buyer must be alert at this stage.”

Describing the inspection process in detail, he said, “It is imperative to physically inspect every part of the truck. Run your hands beneath the doors and check all open-panels properly. If there is any rust or you find any hard edges, examine them properly. If you see raised spots, especially on the roof, then there is a chance of rust. Next, check the tyres. Check for leakage and wear & tear.”

Talking about the other parts of the vehicle, he said, “Open the hood and inspect the coolant fluid. Check the colour of the fluid. You may use a tester to examine it. If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, scrutinize the dip stick. Coming to the engine, start the truck and try to make out if there is any thudding noise. Noises in the engine may lead to heavy repair expenses. In case you are not sure about the engine, get it inspected by a mechanic. Choose a truck that has a high idle setting. Next, examine the switches. Drive the truck for at least 10 miles. Switch off the engine and after a while restart it. How smoothly the vehicle starts the second time is a good way to judge its condition. While driving, check if the transmission is working smoothly. We suggest you to take someone with you for the test drive. While one of you drives the vehicle, the other can keep a tab on noises and other shortcomings. Check the brakes too, while driving. Try and stop the car forcefully to check the smoothness of the brakes. In short, you need to check every small aspect of the vehicle and once you are convinced, then only buy the automobile!”

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