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Fifzine Announces New and Improved Company Website
Fifzine today announced the redesign of its website to allow for easier navigation so users can get the information they want in a more efficient fashion., 9/10/2014 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Fifzine Announces New and Improved Company Website

United States - 9 September 2014 – Fifzine, the best destination on the internet for information on the plastic manufacturing industry, today announced the redesign of its website to allow for easier navigation so users can get the information they want in a more efficient fashion. The new and improved website can be viewed at

Will Stone, President of Fifzine, says he expects the website to be well received by anyone looking for information on the inner workings of the plastic manufacturing industry.

“I’m excited to introduce our new website. This website presents an in depth view of the plastics industry,” said Stone. “Our new website covers plastic manufacturing, molding, and recycling. We have information on extrusion, plastic pellet use, as well as articles on how to start-up a recycled plastic manufacturing business, and so much more. This site is really packed full with information.”

As an example of the kind of information Fifzine has to offer, here is a brief excerpt of an article that can be found on the website:

“As far as the synthetic plastics are considered, they are made up of cellulose, which is actually a plant material. It was in the year 1869 that an American inventor named John Wesley Hyatt discovered the use of the cellulose nitrate as a substitute for ivory. Everybody knew that ivory is really expensive and if a cheap substitute is available for that, people got attracted to it very quickly. Later on, with the help of various experiments, it was found that if camphor is added to cellulose nitrate, celluloid can be formed. Then, for years, this cellulose came to be known as the new plastic.”

As the above excerpt demonstrates, the information regarding plastic manufacturing presented on Fifzine is detailed, accurate, and easy to read.

The revamped Fifzine website now features separate tabs for its articles relating to plastic manufacturing, plastic molding, and plastic recycling, along with a new design that allows for more efficient navigation overall. Stone said one feature he expects website users to like is the wide variety of information about plastics and plastic manufacturing. To view the newly upgraded Fifzine website, visit today.

More About Fifzine

Fifzine’s goal is to help interested parties better understand the various processes associated with manufacturing plastic by providing them with accurate and insightful information on the plastics industry. To learn more about Fifzine, visit them online at



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