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Finding The Right Mosaic Tile Supplier
People who are interested in buying some mosaic tiles for their homes will certainly be interested in the website., 1/16/2013 - FUJIAN, CHINA - People who are interested in buying some mosaic tiles for their homes will certainly be interested in the website, . This is the website for the Mosaic Tile Supplier company established in China in 2006.

The China Leiyuan Building Material has been a large supplier of mosaic for the sake of houses and offices for a long time. They are a professional supplier of ceramic mosaic, glass mosaic, art mosaic, stone mosaic, crystal mosaic, rustic tile mosaic, metal mosaic, shell mosaic, resin mosaic, coconut shell mosaic, ancient boatwood mosaic, leather mosaic, mixed material mosaic, bamboo mosaic, swimming pool mosaic etc. These are just the broad categories of the mosaic available. People would also get the opportunity of finding multiple choices under these categories as well.

These mosaic products can be used in a variety of places- including bathroom, kitchen, spa rooms, swimming pool, hotel backgrounds, etc. There are a lot of many high end hotels where these mosaics could be placed. The company even has a good research and development staff that provides the company with new designs almost every month. They have a lot of staff with personal experience in the field so one can be assured some level of quality from the company. Around 5 of these people are assigned to each and every production line so that the tile designing and making is supervised all the time.

Tile Mosaic might not be seen as such a complicated industry, but one cannot deny the fact that it is. Many people do not only decorate their houses with these tiles, there are corporate houses and hotels that use these tiles for interior decoration as well. It is important for the company to maintain some amount of standards, or their client base would really not be pleased.

Depending on the place mosaic resources where the mosaic tile has to go up, one can get the right mosaic from the mosaic tile suppliers. They are quite cheap as well and they would liven up the look of the room. People who are interested in taking a look at their collections and finding Mosaic Tile Supplier out more about the company can visit the website, for more information.


Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited

Tel: +86-595-2278 8697

Fax: +86-595-2277 8697

Mobile: +86-1896 573 9397



Office Address:

#6-501, Zhonglianhuating, Quanzhou,

Fujian, China 362000

Factory Address:

Changtai Industrial

Zhangzhou Fujian China

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