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Fountain Mountain Offering the Best-Quality Fountain Lights from Kasco
Fountain Mountain is not only providing Kasco fountains but is also offering a variety of lighting options from Kasco that are energy efficient and available in vibrant colored patterns., 4/17/2019 - Fountain Mountain offers premium-quality decorative and aerating fountains from the leading fountain manufacturer, Kasco. The retailer has an online store from where customers can select the required types of fountains, as well as pond treatments, fountain lights, and fountain pumps and impellers for pumps. Customers can also get Kasco pond and lake aerators and diffusers for aeration only. The retailer provides Kasco fountains for both indoor and outdoor usage. While the decorative fountains offer aeration with beautiful displays, its aerating fountains balance aeration with fountain display.

In a recently held interview, the spokesperson of Fountain Mountain revealed, “We offer Kasco products that are energy efficient and available in a wide variety. However, we also have our F-tech range of more affordable pond fountains and fountain pumps. Apart from that, we provide appealing fountains lights from Kasco and F-tech. Kasco offers several different lighting options, all of them are LED. Our customers can buy white, color, or remote-controlled changing color lights. Our LED pond lights are available in either hard-bodied composite or stainless steel fixtures.”

When it comes to fountain lights, Fountain Mountain supplies RGB kits that may be programmed with music. One of the popular options is KascoChangingColor-3RGB, which features color changing, rhythmic sequencing lights. These colors alter from white and warm white to red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, and magenta. This product is a very versatile Kasco fountain light kit that can be used with Kasco fountains and aerators. There are three color modes – flash, bloom, and smooth.

The spokesperson further shared, “We offer a remote control for KascoChangingColor-3RGB. This product comes in several cord lengths. We give a two-year warranty on it. Then, we have another product that is Kasco 6LED Light Kit, Stainless Steel. These are the best lights for Kasco J and VFX series fountains. These lights run on standard 60Hz power and are UL listed and CSA certified. These durable and flexible lights add nighttime drama and beauty to any water feature. Each kit comes standard with blue, amber, red and green lenses.”

Fountain Mountain provides the best fountain lights that include Kasco Universal Stainless Steel, 4 Fixture LED light set. This is also an ultimate light set for most non-Kasco floating fountains. Each 19-watt, low-voltage fixture delivers a classic white color and is rated at nearly 1,700 lumens. Some other types of fountain lights available at Fountain Mountain are the Kasco LED RGB Universal Fountain Light Kit, KascoLED4C11Universal, and KascoColorChanging-6. The retailer also offers Kasco LED-8012 Puck Lights and Kasco Universal Light Set. Fountain Mountain provides free shipping on many of its products.

About Fountain Mountain:

Established in the year 1999, Fountain Mountain is a leading provider of indoor and outdoor fountains from Kasco. Along with the best Kasco fountain options, the retailer offers its own line of fountains. Customers can even get a variety of fountain lights on the retailer’s online store. Additionally, Fountain Mountain sells fountain pumps for tabletop to large fountains, ponds, or waterfalls (35-14000 gallons per hour). The retailer offers solar pumps, synchronous and asynchronous fountain pumps, and inline and submersible pumps.

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