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Free Conference Calling Services
Why Pay Expensive Conference Call Services When You can Have it Free, 12/08/2014 - Conference Calling can get very expensive. For dependable call quality and features that allow a conference call to be performed with disturbances and on time, it will typically cost a company performing the calls. The average cost is around a dollar per minute per participant. For simplicity, a 20 person conference cost $20/minute. A typical 30 minute call costs a whopping $600!

Sure the cost is lower than paying for air fairs, hotels, per diem...but what about lowering the cost(s) even more?

WE are the company that manufactures those Conference Call Systems. If you want to;

Have unlimited Callers,

Balance call volume levels (Up/Down) per Caller

Record Conference for later review

Mute Callers (and their barking dogs)

Kick Callers (Bye bye)

Have a visual on your computer screen of all attending

And much more...

Call us to learn more.

Here's a common view of how those, "Free" Conference call services go. I hope you get a kick out of this.

972.293.3867 Dallas

817.329.5521 Ft Worth

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