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Solihull Dental Centre and Implant Clinic
Zubair Sacranie
0121 705 3935
Doubleday House, 29 high Street

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Free Consultation for Dental Implants
An ideal opportunity to discuss replacing missing teeth in a safe, friendly and risk-free way., 1/29/2019 - Dental implants are one of the preferred option is to replace missing teeth for a variety of reasons.

Dental implants can preserve bone loss.

When a tooth is extracted there is a socket left in the bone, the bone surrounding this hole begins to collapse into the socket there by resulting in bone loss. A dental implant can help to stabilise this process maintaining bone quantity as well as the aesthetics of the surrounding teeth.

Dental implants can support teeth either side and opposing.

When a tooth is lost the adjacent teeth and opposing teeth have a tendency to want to drift, teeth support one another and dental implants can help to replace the support by placing a permanent tooth in the gap.

Dental implants require no destruction of adjacent teeth.

Dental bridges can also be used to replace missing teeth but they often require some form of reduction of the adjacent teeth in order to hold the support mechanisms, known as abutments. A dental bridge is therefore often viewed as a more destructive way to replace the missing tooth. Because dental implants don't require this destruction of adjacent teeth they are generally considered a more conservative option and therefore preferred by many dentists.

However, because dental implants can often be more costly in the short term (arguably more cost-effective in the long-term) many patients baulk at the idea of having dental implants, for this reason this dentist in the Birmingham, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield areas of the West Midlands has decided to offer a free consultation for dental implants.

The free consultation is a 20 min appointment where you will be assessed for clinical suitability and provided a detailed treatment plan including all prices. It's an opportunity to discuss your choices and options for treatment in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment… All at no risk and no cost to yourself.

To request an appointment simply Click Here

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