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Lena Rivera

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Gastric Balloon Weight Loss May Improve your Health
Gastric balloon surgery for weight loss and improved health, 2/03/2019 - Contact: Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India

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[Delhi, India]: [URL=]Gastric balloon surgery[/URL] is a procedure that helps in weight loss. In this non-invasive procedure, a balloon is inserted in the stomach to create a sense of fullness. So it helps people to control their portion size. Patients who have tried other weight loss programs without results get greatly benefitted from gastric balloon surgery.

There are many forms of weight – loss surgery which come under the broad category of bariatric surgery. While certain procedures involve surgical removal of a part of the stomach gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure where a balloon is inserted to control the portion size during a meal. Hence this procedure is gaining more popularity among people who are looking for an effective weight loss program.

In the gastric balloon procedure, a thin elastic band is inserted through the mouth into the stomach which is attached to a tiny camera. The procedure is carried under sedative and is usually painless, although a slight discomfort can be experienced by the patient. However, the best part of the procedure is it takes not more than 15 minutes to complete and one can go back home the same day. Usually, a person can reduce 20-30 percent of total weight depending on the diet followed. It is important that after the procedure a strict diet plan is followed to get optimum results. Indulging junk food and unhealthy eating habits can inhibit from obtaining the best results.

For those who wish to learn more about cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital in India and its costs, they can be assured that it is much more affordable to carry out the procedure in India as compared to any other western countries without compromising on the quality of the treatment, services, and infrastructure. Most of the obesity surgery hospitals in India are well-equipped with for carrying out gastric balloon surgery.

About Cosmetic and obesity Surgery Hospital in India: As the name goes, Cosmetic and obesity Surgery Hospital in India is one of the first Indian healthcare organizations to cater to healthcare tourism in India. The organization has many success stories in its portfolio and has been well – known for offering affordable treatment options to patients globally. Over the years they have earned the trust and confidence of many patients for offering best healthcare services, especially for obesity treatment.

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