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Germany's most popular thin client has a new look
IGEL has developed and sold thin client terminals for more than twenty six years. Since 1989, the company distributed its first video graphic card and by 1997, it sold its first thin client., 7/16/2015 - The functionality of a thin client depends not only on its intelligence, i.e. the supported access protocols, software clients and tools as well as its ability to offer efficient remote management. The design and user-friendliness of a thin client or zero client also play an important role and influence the potential savings that can be made.

Redesigned IGEL UD3

Recently, Germany's bestselling thin client – the IGEL UD3 – was given a new look. The IGEL IZ3 zero client which is based on the same hardware was also updated. The facelift for the popular hardware platform is based on a contemporary and visually attractive design and also improves the range's previous expansion options. For example, the base for the thin client, the so-called Connectivity Foot, is now integrated into the design. The optional component now has the same width as the actual housing of the thin client. If, instead of standing, the device is to be operated on the back of a monitor to save space, this is now easier still – even if the Connectivity Foot is fitted.

Design and functionality in harmony

The two new versions of the optional Connectivity Foot for the thin client and zero client models each feature two serial ports and either a hidden USB port or an integrated WLAN module. As a result of the facelift, the dimensions of the standard version are now even more compact too. Touch-sensitive switches make the devices easier to operate and eliminate a source or potential wear or faults. The cover for the front USB and audio ports is another new feature. It too reacts to light pressure and is therefore very easy to open and close.

The thin client is now even more environmentally friendly

IGEL also made the thin client and zero client more environmentally friendly as part of the facelift. Both models are now produced from a single type of durable plastic and can be disposed of in an even more environmentally friendly manner after a typical operating period of four to six years.

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