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Kam Patel

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Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Permanently By Laser Hair Removal
Traditional hair removal methods like waxing, threading does not produce a long term result. But with the introduction of a laser hair removal treatment, there will be no need of wasting money shaving creams, razors, lotions, and wax anymore., 9/20/2013 - Laser hair removal is the perfect method to get rid of unwanted hairs. The hair looks good on the head but furriness on another part of the body is not attractive. Traditional methods of hair removal like waxing, threading and other rituals produce very short term result. You will need to repeat these methods on a regular basis to get a smooth hairless body. However, things changed with the introduction of a laser hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal is a painless method to get rid of unwanted hairs. Imagine having a body with no unwanted hairs on it. Once you are through with this therapy, there will be no need of you wasting money on products like shaving creams, razors, lotions, and wax anymore.

There are various body parts where hairs are simply unacceptable. Many women shave their underarms as bushy armpits is just not ladylike. Another thing to consider is that bushy armpits produce bad odor. Removing hairs from your armpits will make it easy for you to control odor. Keeping hairs in areas where it sweats a lot is not a wise thing to do and its annoying to shave and wax these areas every week. Laser hair removal will help you save the time and headache involved in these repetitive tasks.

Laser hair removal is completely harmless. You will not need to think about shaving your body parts again . You can get the procedure done on various body parts like hands, leg, back, bikini area, armpits, face and virtually any other excessively hairy part of the body.

Before getting a laser hair removal there are certain things you need to take care of:

• Do not do wax or pluck your hairs two weeks prior to the scheduled appointment. Doing so you will not allow the hair to enter the regrowth phase thus leaving nothing for the laser to target and destroy.

• If you are planning to get the laser hair removal done then try to plan for it in winters as the season is considered to be the best for hair removal. Before the treatment, avoid tanning of the areas. You will also need to protect your skin from direct sunlight and that too for several weeks after the treatment. Also avoid spray tans.

The procedure of removing hairs through laser is quite simple. A laser device is pressed on the patient’s skin along with a cooling device that maintains the health of the rest of the skin. The patient is given a goggles to wear in order to protect the eyes from the laser light. The laser then passes through the skin of the patient attacking the hair follicles. During this process , the patient feels a sting. Some laser hair removal clinics use anesthetic products before the treatment in order to ease the pain. When the hair follicles are damaged during the process, you can smell the odor of it being destroyed. This process is repeated in the whole treatment area. The time involved in this process varies from a few minutes with small body areas to hours with bigger ones. The best part being you get rid of unwanted hair without doing any damage to the skin.

The results of the treatment vary from person to person. It has been observed that this therapy works best on people with dark hair and light skin. However, every person’s experience is different. Regardless of the skin color, the results are usually promising.

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