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Bonnie Gail Carter

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Get The Book: The Chill Turned Warm By Debut Author Bonnie Gail Carter
A Fabulous New Poet Emerges From Peru, Indiana. She's getting 5 Star reviews on Bonnie Gail Carter's poems give hope and inspires going through hardships. Her philosophy is "Don't Let The World Take Your Smile Away.", 1/20/2015 - Bonnie Gail Carter is age sixty. It was a dream of hers to publish a book of poetry since she was sixteen.

Some of her poems are intense by writing about subjects such as: divorce, domestic violence, alcoholism, her husband's attempt to kill his own unborn child, and rape.

There are poems about love and love lost.

There are poems about her faith in God and Jesus.

There is a poem about the painting of a rose. She was given permission to use artist, Ghazi Riman's paintings for her poems.

Unfortunately she couldn't afford to publish the paintings that inspired her to write poems about them in her book but you can find artist Ghazi Riman's paintings on Facebook.

Author Bonnie Gail Carter lived in an orphanage in grade school, with and aunt and uncle for four years, and foster homes while in high school.

Her boyfriend, Donnie Townsend is an unsigned musician. He is a singer/songwriter and plays an acoustic guitar. He read two of her poems titled:THE PRISONER IN GRADE SCHOOL and THE CHILD INSIDE OF ME and wrote a song titled:LITTLE GIRL IN THE ORPHANAGE. It's a very moving song. Bonnie Gail promotes his music on her youtube channel.

What I have come to admire about Bonnie Gail is that even though she has been through many hardships her poems are inspiring.

Even though she had to learn to be strong at a young age her poems give a glimmer of sunshine and the feeling that love is just around the corner for others going through similar hardships.

I like her philosophy to never let the world take your smile away.

I have to highly recommend "THE CHILL TURNED WARM by author Bonnie Gail Carter. It's a must read for an adult audience. It's a good read not only for poetry fans, but for people who have never read poetry before.

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