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Future Market Insights
Abhishek Budholiya
3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London United Kingdom

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Glass Container Market Revenue to Witness Steady Growth Through 2026
Will Plastic Packaging & Metal Cans Put Glass Containers out of Business?, 2/19/2019 - In packaging industries, plastic and metal have always been looked at as alternative materials for glass. On the same lines, demand for glass packaging is expected to lose traction against rising preference for plastic bottles and metal cans. Nevertheless, such preferences get reversed when it comes to packaging highly-reactive fluids, industrial solvents, and alcoholic beverages. Future Market Insights predicts that the growth of global glass container market is, thus, contingent upon growing consumption of such liquids, and alcoholic drinks & beverages.

By 2016, more than US$ 46,500 Mn worth of glass containers were consumed globally. Key findings from Future Market Insights’ report estimate that the market will be valued at US$ 65,569.4 Mn by the end of 2026. Although, during this forecast period, the global glass container market will exhibit a moderate revenue growth at 4.1% CAGR.

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Impact of Plastic and Metal Packaging

The report has compiled several factors that impact the growth of global glass container market, and highlighted the ones that restrain the market from attaining steady expansion. First off, the global market for glass containers is expected to continue facing challenges as companies struggle to keep up with pricing pressures. Continuous consolidation of consumer base for glass containers has intensified pricing pressure on manufacturers, compelling them to cater to big clients - the ones demanding their products at low prices.

Then, there’s the inexorable competition arising from plastic bottles and metal cans. Baby food, coffee, sauces, and several other such products, which were once packaged in glass containers, are now available in plastic bottles & metal tins. High cost of producing glass containers, their fragile composition, and heavy weight are also prompting food & beverage makers for shifting towards metal or plastic packaging.

Rising Demand for Lightweight Glass Bottles

Industry leaders will continue to strive for reducing the weight of glass containers, thereby increasing their sustenance in logistics operations. Lighter glass containers will also gain traction by providing added advantage to manufacturers and increasing profit margins of packaged products. The report reveals that throughout the forecast period, more than two-third of global glass container revenues will be accounted by glass bottles. The demand for glass jar will also be high, while candle glass containers and glass vials will witness a downtrend in terms of consumption.

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