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Global Brush Caps Market Trends, Opportunities & Growth Forecast during 2018-2026
The brush caps market report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on brush caps market segments and geographies., 2/14/2019 - The beauty and personal care industry is rapidly evolving due to continuous innovation and new product development. The growing nail polish industry drives the [UIRL=]Global Brush Caps Market[/URL] Brush caps are widely used in the personal care and cosmetics industry for the application of nail polish, mascara, and eyeliner. Child-resistant and tamper-evident brush caps offer consumers a level of convenience. A new feature in these caps enables consumers to extend or retract the applicator brush to reach fluids near the bottom of the container. Applicator brushes have an applicator brush shaft that is fixed to a push button top, and is pressed by a tension spring against three interior click spots. The advantage of this invention is that, it eliminates the wasting of containing fluids such as nail polish, allowing the vessel to be fully emptied with the applicator brush.

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Brush caps are closures with brush applicators. Brush caps are the ideal choice for applications of products that are required in small quantities. Brush caps are used for the application of viscous liquid. Brush caps are widely used to apply nail colors for a perfect finish. They are suitable for plastic and glass bottles. The stemmed brush if often made from polyethylene, and is fitted to a round cap. Brush caps are also used on tester paint bottles. These brush caps allow the consumer to test the sample of a specific color to be painted on the wall or project before buying large quantity of the paint. Brush caps are available in small and large flares according to the product application. Twisted-in-wire brush caps are used for a variety of industrial and household cleaning projects, and are available in various sizes to suit any application. Brush filaments in the brush caps are made from nylon, polypropylene, etc. Brush caps having nylon filaments provide strength for higher load carrying capacities. Brush caps are an ideal choice when it comes to the greater control and quick access of the product. Brush caps can be made from plastic as well as metal. The size of the brush stem depends upon the size of the container. Dent brush caps are also available, and are suitable for applying products such as glue, paints, inks, and pastes, besides others. 

Brush caps are nowadays also used in the food industry for the perfect application of sauces and other liquids. Coles Supermarket approached Caps & Closures (C&C) for a solution regarding the application of marinade to chicken and meat products during the barbeque process. Coles’ Grill Basting Sauce range required a makeover to offer consumers convenience during cooking meat.

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The sauce bottle was customized such that, the brush was a part of the sauce bottle, and made it easy for consumers to apply the sauce neatly and safely. The brush was heat-resistant and was made from silicone

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