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Global Surface Modifiers Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026
Surface Modifiers find applications across various end-use sectors, primarily where surface coatings are used., 2/11/2019 - Surface Modifiers are additives used in coating formulations to lend physical and chemical properties that provide improved surface protection. They are usually made from polymer-based materials and are available in micronized powder, dispersed, emulsion or liquid forms to be added to coating formulations. Global Surface Modifiers Market when used with coatings provide enhanced protection to the surface of the coating and consequently also to the substrate on which they are applied. These modifiers improve the overall appearance, texture, slip resistance, abrasion resistance and durability of the coatings.  

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Surface modifiers are generally made from polymeric materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, polyamide, and others. The choice of polymer material used to manufacture surface modifiers depends on the nature and type of application for which the product is to be used. For instance, PTFE based surface modifiers are commonly used in harsh environments owing to their high resistance to scratching, friction and abrasion. The form in which surface modifiers are supplied is also dictated by its addition to different kinds of coatings. For example, surface modifiers are prepared in the form of aqueous or non-aqueous solvent dispersions when they are used as an additive for liquid coatings. Similarly, they are supplied in the form of emulsion when they are to be used as additives in clear coatings, thereby enhancing the surface properties without altering the finish or appearance of the coating. 

Surface Modifiers Market: Dynamics

Surface Modifiers find applications across various end-use sectors, primarily where surface coatings are used. Surface modifiers enhance chemical, physical and in some cases, biological properties of coating surfaces, thereby helping improve their product life. Surface Modifiers provide various beneficial properties, such as scratch and stain resistance and anti-blocking and anti-slippage properties to coating surfaces. The application of Surface Modifiers also improves the chemical resistance and abrasion resistance properties of coating surfaces. These characteristics of surface modifiers make them an additive of choice for coating formulators, for applications as delicate as protecting the surface of optical films and electronic circuits to applications that involve exposure to harsh outside conditions, such as automotive coatings and industrial coatings. Moreover, in highly regulated applications, such as coatings that are used in food & beverage packaging & printing applications, appropriate formulations of surface modifiers are available that comply with mandatory codes. The market for surface modifiers will be driven, among others, by the increasing demand from the automotive industry as advanced technology coating formulations are required for surface protection.    

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North America and Europe regions are also important for the Surface Modifiers market due to growing demand from automotive and building & construction sectors. Strong regulations pertaining to chemical & materials sector will have an impact on the Surface Modifiers market in these regions. The US, China, Japan, India, Germany and UK, are some of the key countries in the concerned market.

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