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American Patriots

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Globalists New World Order Illuminati Lucifarians launch HAARP Against New Madrid Fault Zone
HAARP Weapon aimed and launched by US Citizens and Military Against US Citizens, 5/15/2011 - This is a wake up call to all American Patriots.

If you look at the radar on May 4, 2011, you can see the HAARP weapon was used by our own fellow Americans, under the power of the globalists, to attack the New Madrid Fault Zone.

The weapon was used to triangulate itself, months earlier, when birds fell out of the sky cooked from the inside-out or when fish were turning up in rivers and streams, dead, also cooked from the inside-out.

Brace for earthquakes starting May 16 - 20, 2011. It's just like Japan - first flooding then quakes and finally with 24 nuclear reactors in the area, Nuclear disaster.

There is a group - call them "illuminati' or "new world order' members or "globalists" - we just call them NAZI EUGENICISTS like the Bush family - see Prescott Bush funds Hitler.... dig deep and you'll see they've been out to destroy America for hundreds of years.

Consider this a 'quickening' - more events that appear to be natural disasters but are the result of an attack of the HAARP weapon. It shoots billions of watts of Microwave energies at the Ionosphere, reflecting back TRILLIONS of watts of Microwave energies anywhere they want, on the planet. This time, they chose the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Don't believe us? Search for yourselves:

Google "NLE 2011" or "Shakeout 2011" or "HAARP attack New Madrid Fault Zone".

There is a Creator, it's not Lucifer and you will all get yours - to the members of the New World Order. We are NO longer watching you. We have begun Fighting you. You are mostly all fragile and old. Watch as each one of you die of natural causes.....

Those who help you will be found guilty of TREASON.

The New World Order will FAIL!

American Patriots

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