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Jeff Gilbert

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Green City Growers Announces Workshops About Use of Mushrooms for Environmental and Human Health.
Leading local organization, Green City Growers hosts International Organization, Radical Mycology, to teach Workshops, “Radical Mushroom Cultivation” and “Putting the FUN in Fungi” as part of a 3-month North American educational tour., 8/04/2014 - Somerville, MA — Green City Growers, the organization who established the largest rooftop farm in New England, is hosting international organization, Radical Mycology, Monday, September 15 to teach educational workshops “Radical Mushroom Cultivation” from 3-5pm and “Putting the FUN in Fungi” from 5:30-7:30pm at their headquarters, 600 Windsor Place, Somerville, MA.

The preliminary workshop, [URL= ]“Radical Mushroom Cultivation”[/URL] introduces participants to the theory & practice behind simple mushroom cultivation. To make the event accessible to all members of the larger Boston community, the 2-hour workshop is based on sliding-scale donations, suggested $10-30 per person, with no one turned away for lack of funds.

The second workshop, [URL=]“Putting the FUN in Fungi”[/URL], is a free teacher training on incorporating fungi into daily lesson plans. Engaging games and activities show how to effectively address questions like, “What do mushrooms eat?”, “What does it mean to be a decomposer?”, and “How can we work with mushrooms to clean water and soil?” The tools learned in this free 2-hour workshop can be easily adapted for classrooms of all ages and sizes.

The collaborative event is part of Radical Mycology’s 3-month tour across North America. Radical Mycology, a volunteer-based organization and grassroots movement, is dedicated to sharing information and resources on the positive benefits of the fungal kingdom for personal, societal, and ecological health. The 2014 tour will promote their upcoming book Radical Mycology, the third Radical Mycology Convergence, and teach the skills and theories behind the Radical Mycology movement.

“Our goal is to build a grassroots movement and network of people that work with fungi as allies in their efforts for a more sustainable and ecologically just future,” says Radical Mycology co-founder Peter McCoy.

“Our past educational events, such as the Radical Mycology Convergences, have been very well attended and supported. People are ready for powerful solutions for personal, societal and ecological health that they can practice in their backyards, with or without the support of big institutions. We’re very excited to be taking the next step towards making these solutions a reality all over the US and the world,” says Radical Mycology co-founder Maya Elson.

About []Green City Growers[/URL]: Green City Growers transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing clients with immediate access to nutritious food, while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency. Green City Growers provides raised vegetable bed installation, maintenance and education services to corporate offices, schools, restaurants, grocers and residential clients. Green City Growers was founded by Jessie Banhazl in 2008.

About the []Radical Mycology Collective[/URL]: Radical Mycology is a movement and social philosophy based on the belief that the life cycles of fungi and their interactions in nature serve as powerful learning tools for how humans can best relate to each other and steward the world they live in. The Radical Mycology Collective organizes educational events and disseminates free literature and other media on the many uses of fungi for personal, societal, and ecological health. Call 360-561-5612 to learn more.

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