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How Queensburg University Takes a 'Customer-Centric' Approach to Higher Education
Queensburg University believes in two things, in particular. One is the technology space and the technology sector, in general., 1/11/2017 - California – Queensburg University believes in two things, in particular. One is the technology space and the technology sector, in general. It thrives on innovation. One of the unique things about Queensburg University, is that, it's really invested in an innovation led culture and innovation led mindset, and really advancing how we provide a better outcome for students, how we increase accessibility of higher education, how we improve its affordability and the quality of it.

That innovation led mindset, that's one of the things that you really learn being in and around startups, being in around technology companies, is that you have a real passion for how technology advances the future. The other key thing-- and this is particularly true with some of the startups are following customer centric leadership. And in many ways, our students are our customers.

One of the things is, in particular, is that a student, one of the things that Queensburg cares about, is the ability to create, or at least help the individual become a lifelong learner. There's no doubt that we are not serving a student on a singular transaction.

We know that when we better serve our students, we also better serve the employers and the workforce and the needs that they are intending to go meet. So that when we improve the quality of the education our students go through, that when we improve the learning and mastery of the competencies, that when we better align those competencies with the workforce demand, that even the quality of the students coming out of Queensburg University is better meeting the needs of the employers in the workforce, too.

About Queensburg University

Queensburg University is one of the premier academic institutions providing online education to adult learners all over the world. It is one of the largest online universities carrying a tradition to impart and promote technological proficiency, intellectual and personal growth and leadership opportunities with its wide range of educational programs.

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