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Dallin Hawkins

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How to Get Funding with Bad Credit
Integrity Financial Groups specializes in Business Finance & Asset Based Lending, 7/14/2014 - While the business lending guidelines have been steadily improving over the past year, challenges still remain, particularly for companies that have a less than stellar credit history. Many banks and lending institutions are not willing to take the risk and provide capital to business owners who have below average financial statements or credit scores.

There are many valid reasons why a company may have a poor credit history. Over the past few years, many businesses fell behind in payments to vendors or simply could not correct their cash flow issues quickly enough. Unfortunately the hardest time for businesses to obtain funding is when they are desperate for it. The black marks on a company’s credit history can take months — even years — to erase.

Fortunately here at Integrity Financial Groups, we have alternative lending solutions and are willing to take the credit risks of businesses that may have run into some short-term financial problems. However, remember alternative financing solutions are usually not your typical loan you would see from a bank or lending institution and the interest rates and fees can sometimes be higher.

Here are some of our funding solutions that are available:

Asset Based Lending:

When collateral is available to help secure financing and mitigate the risk in a transaction, your typical credit guidelines tend to be much more flexible. This type of solution is strongly reliant on the collateral that is available as opposed to the credit history. When taking a collateral position in a transaction with equipment or real estate, we can typically lend on a 2:1 ratio. This is extremely beneficial for businesses that are asset rich and cash poor.

Sale Leaseback:

Owning your equipment outright might be a freeing feeling and a sigh of relief to know you don’t have to worry about monthly payments; however leveraging your company’s assets might be more beneficial in the long run. Integrity Financial Groups offer Sale Leaseback solutions which allow businesses to cash out their equipment to provide better operating cash flow and even capture additional tax savings.

Debt Restructuring:

Diversifying your equipment loans can be a problem and a solution in itself. Many business’s find themselves with several monthly payments for several pieces of equipment across the board that can prove to be frustrating and problematic. Wither a business is purchasing new equipment to add to their fleet or simply restructuring their debt, w

About Integrity Financial Groups:

Dallin Hawkins is an expert in Business Finance and specializes in Equipment Finance. Dallin Hawkins provides sophisticated equipment financial structures for the business community. Integrity Financial Groups is a company established in year 2011 by Dallin Hawkins to provide Equipment Finance for small to middle size companies.


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