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How to Maximize your Office’s Wall Space?
Your office only has so much floor space and the average person doesn’t want every inch of it cluttered up with shelving., 3/02/2017 - In fact, clutter has been shown to distract people and cause increased mental stress. Definitely not what you need when you’re trying to work!

So what do you do with all the books, paperwork, printers and pens you need in your office without cluttering up the floor? You store them on the walls!

Wall storage is getting creative and interesting and you’ll be surprised to find that almost anything you can store on the floor or shelves, you can find a way to store on your walls.

First, look to build a “command” center on the wall closest to your desk, preferably the one directly in front of it. Use this space to attach a couple small corkboards and some baskets to catch your daily detritus, like newly arrived mail, bills and post-it notes. This will keep your desk free and clear of any paper build up.

Next, ditch those clunky filing cabinets in favor of some sleek wall mounted file organizers. We like the idea of stacking three of these devices one on top of the other. This will allow you plenty of storage space for your paperwork while still giving off that modern, Swedish-chic vibe.

To keep books and CDs nicely displayed and organized, we like making use of floating shelves. These great shelves are simple, flat metal L-brackets on which you can stack books and CDs. Because the shelves are so thin, once they’re filled the items appear to be floating. So not only do they provide shelving, they also have a neat architectural appeal.

If you have lots of pushpins, paperclips and the like to keep in order, look in the kitchen aisle at your local store for a magnetic spice rack. These come with a series of tins with clear, twist off tops that let you see what’s inside while keeping them safely tucked away.

Whatever you need, you’ll be surprised at how many options you can find to help you keep your office clean and tidy.


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