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Chelsea Hackett

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Hunter Clinic Offers Alignment for Office Workers
The Hunter Clinic, with branches in Docklands, the City and Blackheath, is ideal for office workers suffering from spinal misalignment caused by too much time spent hunched over a PC., 11/15/2015 - [URL=]The Hunter Clinic[/URL] , with branches in Docklands, the City and Blackheath, is ideal for office workers suffering from spinal misalignment caused by too much time spent hunched over a PC. Today, they announced a special service for such workers on weekdays in the capital.

A spokesperson for the clinic told those gathered to hear the announcement: “We know that there are thousands of people suffering unnecessarily from back problems, due to incorrect posture or inadequate lumbar support when seated at their desks and we want to reach out to these people and let them know that relief is at hand.

Just one or two sessions, during lunch hours or immediately after work, can often be enough to rectify the issue, although in certain cases a more prolonged course of therapy may be in order.”

The fact that back pain is not just something you have to live with is sure to come as welcome news to workers across London, with [URL=]3 million sufferers[/URL] in the UK citing it as the reason they need time off work and up to 6 million people believed to be silently dealing with bad backs nationwide.

Chiropractic is a field of medicine that is often misunderstood but it is based on the premise that spinal misalignment can cause a wide variety of health issues, most obviously those that directly affect the back itself.

Anybody who has visited their GP with back pain only to be told that there is nothing to be done but take painkillers and learn to live with their condition may find the idea of a visit to their nearest qualified chiropractor to be a very appealing one.

The clinic’s spokesperson concluded his statement with the following comments: “If you have thought about visiting a chiropractor in London before, but have been put off because you thought the procedures involved could be painful, the chiropractic manoeuvres that we use may be just what you have been looking for.

Gentler than some others, they consist of low-force adjustments that are designed to bring relief from chronic pain without causing further suffering in the process.”

Some readers may have heard about the forceful manoeuvres practised by chiropractic experts in the UK and elsewhere and whilst these can be very effective, there are, as you can see, less frightening alternatives on offer.

A visit to one of the clinics run by Andrew Hunter DC starts, as visits to all good chiropractic clinics do, with a thorough assessment of your existing condition. Once the root cause of your pain has been established, you can decide whether you would like to start treatment immediately or to book an appointment for another day.

Those who are suffering from back pain or other complaints that may be due to spinal misalignment can call to make an appointment on 07855 916 602. If you would like to request further information before booking a session, you can use the contact form on their website to send Andrew Hunter an email.


Andrew Hunter

Hunter Clinic

Room 67, Cannon Workshops, Hertsmere Road

London, E14 4AS, UK

07855 916 602


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