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Hyde HR Law
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Hyde HR Law Uses Client-First Approach to Offer Practical Attorney Representation
Hyde HR Law is a renowned law firm dealing with employment and labour law., 6/27/2022 - Toronto, ON – June 10, 2022 – Hyde HR Law is a renowned law firm dealing with employment and labour law. The firm represents individuals, businesses, groups, and associations across Canada. Founded by John Hyde, the firm employs a client-first approach to offering realistic representation. All the lawyers at Hyde HR Law come from prominent firms, bringing the drive for commitment and excellence, attention to detail, and a quality that makes the law firm successful. They have pre-law backgrounds in journalism, human resource management, and various other industries, enabling them to bring practical, real-life experiences to the table.

Speaking about cause termination, the Company Spokesperson said, “Termination for just cause occurs when an employer terminates an employee suddenly without notice for bad behaviour. The employer can prove in court that the employee's severe conduct crippled their employment relationship. If it turns out that the employee's actions didn't cause serious harm, the employer will not have a just cause to terminate them. Examples include theft, serious dishonesty, and workplace violence, which our qualified lawyers can help by filing for wrongful dismissal damages.”

Hyde HR Law helps enforce employment laws when employers and employees misapply it. Employers are supposed to give reasonable notice when terminating their employees. If not, the employee can sue them for wrongful dismissal and make the employer pay them two years of their salary as wrongful dismissal damages. The employment lawyers at Hyde HR law help employers with human resource matters. From the day they hire employees, the attorneys allow draft employment contracts to limit their liability for wrongful dismissal. The attorneys also offer workplace training on harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

Speaking about wrongful dismissal, the Company Spokesperson continued, “When employees are terminated from work without adequate notice, we come in to defend their rights to get the severance you deserve. You'll receive moral and punitive damages in cases of human rights violations, workplace violence, or harassment. At Hyder HR Law, our lawyers will help negotiate your settlement or start the wrongful dismissal action in court.”.

Employers can call an employment lawyer in Toronto to represent them when faced with lawsuits from their former employees. Hyde HR Law attorneys have the knowledge and experience to negotiate on their behalf and protect their rights in a Court of law. These lawyers ensure that employers are given fair chances to explain their side and be heard in court. They also offer legal advice on how to handle workplace disputes. Their expertise in employment law can mediate employer-employee disputes to ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcomes.

About Hyder HR Law

Hyder HR Law is a reputable law firm that helps clients achieve fair justice when faced with lawsuits related to labour and employment. Clients can call an employment lawyer in Toronto whenever they need legal help or representation.

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