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Indonesia's Hagiasmos Mission Confers Doctor Of Divinity To WCH's Maria Amor
The Board Of Stt Hagiasmos Mission Led By Dr. Johan Pasaribu Announces The Conferment Of Doctor Of Divinity (d.d.) To Maria Amor, Founder And President Of We Care For Humanity, 8/24/2013 - Jakarta, INDONESIA, August 24, 2013 – Founder and President of We Care for Humanity, USA, Ms. Maria Amor accepts her conferment of Doctorate in Divinity by the Board of STT Hagiasmos Institute of Theology led by its Head Dr. Johan Pasaribu.

Recognizing her successful global humanitarian missions and programs for the needy, promotion of World Peace, and strong advocacy of education, health and wellness, Ms. Amor is carefully selected by the Board of this highly respected Institute, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, from among the various contenders being considered for this highest honor of Doctor in Divinity (D.D.), which is an advanced academic degree in divinity.

Historically, it identifies one who had been licensed by a university to teach theology or related religious subjects. In many advanced countries, Doctor of Divinity has traditionally been the highest doctorate granted by universities, or academic institutions usually conferred upon a scholars of humanity of good standing and high distinction.

(In the U.S.A, the D.D. is traditionally an honorary degree granted by a church-related college, seminary, or university to recognize the recipient's ministry-orientated accomplishments. In the Catholic Church, it is an honorary title attached to the rank of Bishops.)

“We could only be amazed and mesmerized at the same time that a person full of good traits can be as magnanimous and humanitarian as Ms. Maria Amor. She truly is deserving to be conferred by our Institution of this Doctor of Divinity, an award we only give to people with distinct achievement and strong advocacies in helping others and caring for people no matter what color of their skin and no matter where they come from. It is just but fitting that she is conferred this title and honor the soonest possible time,” expressed Dr. Johan Pasaribu.

Prior to this conferment of Doctor of Divinity, Ms. Maria Amor was also recently appointed by the World Peace Committee as the World Peace Head of Representative in California, USA, where Ms. Amor represents the interest the World Peace Committee which is connected with the Government and other institutions which are linked with the peace program in order to promote world peace, humanity and brotherhood.

In accepting this recent conferment by the Board of Hagiasmos Institute, Ms. Amor said, "This Doctor of Divinity being conferred to me by a highly respectable Institution is another highlight and milestone in my career as humanitarian and a public servant. I am deeply honored for our organization, the We Care for Humanity and humbled at the same time personally. I will forever treasure this honor and its value for myself, and for my organization’s mission and thrusts as a humanitarian organization. I am thankful that the Institute is providing me another platform to carry out our mission in caring for the needy, and ultimately, the humanity.”

Founded in 2011, We Care for Humanity (WCH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works achieve world peace, international understanding and global end to hunger by instituting humanitarian programs for the underserved women, children and disadvantaged groups. WCH spearheads educational programs through live-streaming technologies and putting-up of learning facilities in selected far-flung areas. Continued care for health, sanitation and wellness are major priorities of our organization. For membership and information, visit WCH website at www.wecareforhumanity.

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