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Pardeep Singh

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Innovation in Cement Industry Now in India
Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited brings in India a novel technology and innovation in cement industry. Navrattan Blue Crete cement is an eco-friendly, sustainable and reliable alternative to traditional Portland cement., 3/12/2015 - Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited, an innovative high performance ‘Green’ cement company that emerges as a world leader for manufacturing an alternative to Portland cement.

This new age cement is such developed that it needs no large kilns and huge set-ups or any use of fossil fuels. The process relies on a completely different technology, the technology forms a proprietary organic gel which encourages a more complete molecular bonding of the cementitious materials much like the ancient roman cement. The manufacturing process requires a simple paddle mixing of its powdered chemical formula at ambient temperatures. The ‘green’ cement is a very effective alternative to OPC as it is water retardant, acid retardant, does not transfer heat very well, also it has a near zero coefficient of expansion, which makes this product excellent to be used in below freezing temperatures as well as tropical regions.

The company is licensing this technology to manufacturers in different regions of the nation. “Once this product is out it will change the way manufacturers, builders and people see construction. The cement industry which contribute 8% to air pollution will now be environment friendly,” said the spokesperson of Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private Limited. He also highlighted how ‘Green’ cement, the first of its kind in the world has evoked excellent response from the Indian industry and is a milestone achievement in promoting energy efficiency drive in the country.

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