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Hiren Panchal

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Innovative Solution To Trap Mosquitoes
Veltosa is built with a vision of unravelling novel technology for the safety and empowerment of our society., 1/23/2017 - The world is grappling with mosquito menace that has drastically affected the health and economy of countries globally. Mosquito borne diseases have increased significantly in last few years. Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes have caused immense destruction of lives in several countries. Approximately 40% of world population, mainly those residing in developing and under developed countries are at the risk of malaria. It has been reported that every 30 seconds a child dies of Malaria. According to world malaria report, India accounted for 58% cases in South East Asia Region.

Similarly WHO reports 390 million cases of Dengue fever has been reported worldwide of which 96 million cases became serious enough for medical treatment. In India Dengue cases doubled up in on3 year from 2014 -2016. Delhi was the worst hit with more than 7283 cases of fever been reported. Catching in the similar pace is Chikungunya reporting a whooping 7,425 cases in Delhi itself.

Dynatrap works in a very unique manner. It mimics the breathing activity of human beings which attracts mosquitoes towards it. Mosquitoes are attracted towards CO2 exhaled by people. The gas is irresistible to mosquitoes and they can detect its presence from as far as 20 feet. Dynatrap does the same.

Dynatrap emits CO2 by the effect of U.V. light on a TiO2 plate. The emitted CO2 attracts mosquitoes towards it and then they are trapped inside a retaining cage through an inbuilt vacuum fan. The mosquitoes are not able to come out and die inside the cage itself, which can be emptied after a definite time period. Dynatrap insures the safeguard of your family and pets from mosquito bites and mosquito borne diseases. The fumeless, odor less technology of Dynatrap keeps your family guarded against any toxic fumes as is the case with popular mosquito repellents (spray, coils, mats, vaporizers etc.) present in the market. Dynatrap is designed for home as well as outside. It can be easily plugged in the backyard or farmhouses and residents can enjoy mosquito free environment. Dynatrap is innovative as well as economical in the long run. It can remain switched on for 24x7 with very little power consumption with a long lasting UV bulb.

Dynatrap thus is a novel device introduced in India to get rid of mosquito menace effectively in an economical and eco friendly way. Dynatrap not only trap mosquitoes but is helpful in elimination of biting flies, moths, wasps and other flying insects without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Easy to maintain, long lasting with a simple set up Dynatrap is the right choice of happy and healthy mosquito free homes.

Dynatrap is an innovation brought to you by Veltosa, a company with the mission of empowering society by introducing breakthrough products that can uplift and benefit the mankind as a whole in terms of health and safety.

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