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Kath Rogers
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Interior Design and Lighting
Interior Design and Lighting Discussed by Your ID Interior Designers, 2/23/2021 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Bristol, UK - Interior Design and Lighting

Interior Design Lighting is essential and getting it right will finish the look and feel of a room or space. Lighting offers functionality, ambience, feeling and style. Getting it right dramatically alters the look and feel of a room and it is an essential component of interior design.

Good lighting can create depth and height, cosy areas as well as drawing the eye to an impressive area, a piece of artwork or a feature in the design. Good lighting is the balance of light and shade, not too much or too little, bringing calmness, energy and warmth to a room.

Lighting in interior design incorporates the use of artificial light with lamps and light fixtures, alongside utilising the natural light entering through doors and windows. Much like indoors, if you are creating a new outdoor space then lighting is also a vital component to make it feel warm and inviting as it gets darker outside.

You can create atmosphere in a room by combing different types of light, using direct task lighting for reading, decorative lighting to create pools of light to accent a feature, maybe artwork or shelving and use occasional lighting to create a cosy area or another layer within a room or space.

Interior designers use a combination of key elements when they are designing a room, they will consider the size of a room and the natural light that enters at different times of the day, along with incorporating colour, artificial lighting, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories into their design. All of these elements are important and lighting will bring the design together as a finished project when the natural and artificial lighting fit and work together. Lighting and light fittings can transform an area giving it the feeling of space, style and mood, as well as functionality.


Making use of both natural and artificial lighting will highlight, expand and complement the colours and style in a room. The illusion of space can be created using different lighting which reflects off the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as defining different zones within a room if that is what you want to achieve. It is essential to have a balance of natural and artificial light in a space. Too much light can make it feel stark and clinical, whereby too little can result in a room feeling dark and small. A good interior designer will focus on your lighting in their design and will know how different styles of lighting will accentuate and finish your design.

At Your ID we spend a lot of time with you to understand how you use your space, the ideas you have, what you like and don’t like before we create a design for you. We use lighting in our designs to ensure your new space is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, pulling the whole design together to give you the finish you are dreaming of.

Contact us today on 01174 533 382 to find out how we can help you achieve the style and finish you are looking for.

Find out everything you need to know about interior design and lighting here:

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