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Invest properly, with Shareholder
Proper investments are easy to make, 11/01/2015 - "There are certain rules by which the rich play and the rules by which play the remaining 95% of the population. Most people learn the rules of handling money in school or at home, following generally accepted standards. That is why it is important to know about the work of money to have a steady income. Investment company is one of the surest ways of multiplying capital." Mr. Tahira Ledadazafimamonjy.

Having money on own account does not guarantee you a comfortable life and material well-being. Just think for a second: what do you do to attract funding? How to manage them? If you have any ideas for the augmentation of money, and do you know any ways to get permanent income?

Most people are used to living in the comfort zone and limit own financial needs. However, do you not want to have funds that will cover more than just basic needs? Successful business, new car, travel – all that is possible to pay from the income generated from assets, bought in big investment company. Especially now that, a Shareholder begins to actively work with individuals.

Surprisingly, to achieve all desired now is quite possible! Who said that wealth is just a happy accident? Everyone is able to catch happy moments. One of the main ones is proper money management.

About the company

Shareholder Investment Corporation consists of 9 companies and factories, has branches all over Holland and 11 years of experience on the market. It has established networks and contacts with partners in Asia and Europe. It is constantly developing production and increasing profit.

In 2015, the company was re-registered to obtain the status of offshore business.

Enterprises of the company operate not only on the domestic market of the Netherlands, but are big exporters of metallurgy, petrochemical and shipbuilding to Europe and Asia.

For more information about the company, please write to:



Weena 505, Rotterdam, South Holland

Or visit our website at:

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