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Kingsway Paver Sealing & Pressure Cleaning

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Is Sealing Your Brick Driveway Really Necessary?
Here are some tips on protecting and preserving your brick pavers

Sealing Brick Pavers, 5/21/2021 - Brick paver driveway's require maintenance from time to time to keep them looking good. One of the best things you can do is to have a sealant applied to the pavers. There are many reasons why driveway sealing is recommended. This article goes over some of the benefits.

The number 1 reason is that it extends the life and beauty of the pavers.

By sealing your driveway, you add a layer of protection over it. It acts like a shell that shields it from different elements. In freezing weather, it protects the surface from cold temperatures, frost, and precipitation. Hence, it extends your pavement's life.

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