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Israeli-American Author ...Releases New Book of Biblical Fiction
Israeli-American Author and Artist Uvi Poznansky Releases New Book of Biblical Fiction in Audio Format., 5/15/2013 - Los Angeles, May 15, 2013 /LiteratiConsulting/ --- Acclaimed American-Jewish author Uvi Poznansky has released a new book! The work, entitled A Favorite Son, retells the biblical story of Jacob and his mother Rebecca as they come to terms with the passing of the elderly Isaac. The story reflects a modern-day version of the characters as they plot to take control of their family’s power and inheritance.

Educated as an architect and software engineer in Israel and New York, Uvi is diverse in her academic and cultural perspectives. Her experiences have allowed her to create stories touching upon the innermost depths of the human psyche and drama.

Uvi Poznansky has appeared on Blog Talk Radio numerous times. She has received the #1 Author award from AUTHORSdb, and has received rave reviews from Amazon Hall of Fame writer Grady Harp.

The praise on the back cover of her novel Apart From Love “was contributed by Jeremy Joe Kronsberg, the legendary screen writer, director and producer, who is often amused at being referred to as 'the godfather of the modern ape chase movie'. He wrote the screenplays for 'Every Which Way But Loose', 'Any Which Way You Can' (with Clint Eastwood in the title role), and 'Going Ape' (with Tony Danza in the title role.) In addition, he wrote lyrics to numerous songs, for example 'Feels So Good to Win" (for the movie Coast to Coast), "Sassafras Sundays" for Homebodies, and "Your Guess Is Just As Good As Mine" (for The Outfit)” (Poznansky).

Uvi was honored that Kronsberg agreed to grace the back cover of her novel, Apart From Love, with his words. “Having read the story, and having reflected at length on its meaning, he said, with his usual eloquence: "A fascinating study of three voices who lead us through the tangle of their lives and challenge us through their wounded communications to re-examine how we connect" (Kronsberg & Poznansky).

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