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JRE Private Company is an Air Water Hose Manufacturer in India
JRE is a pioneer in the field of flexible hose assemblies with its in-house modern technology to produce the most exceptional quality product for any application and industry., 12/04/2018 - Mumbai, India – November 27, 2018 - A leader in the flexible hose assembly market, JRE Private Limited thrives on high-quality products. JRE Private Limited abides by all standards laid by ISO 9001, CE and ATEX to ensure quality. They have a pool of employees with the right skills and an eye for detail. Also, the manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies spends on continual education of its staffs to keep them ahead of the latest technologies and product innovations.

Explaining to a customer why they are the best air water hose manufacturer, the Public Relations Manager said, “Air and water hoses are key accessories that send the pressurized air and water flowing out of the compressor to the attached application tools. These hoses convey the air and water flow and act as a connection between the two systems. Many of you are familiar with the air hoses used in garages for inflating tires with air delivered by a compressor and the garden hoses used to carry water to thirsty plants. However, there is a wide variety of air and water hoses according to diameter, length, and material which also determines their price.”

While air and water compressors generate high-pressure air and water respectively, some connection is needed to deliver the air and water flow from the compressor outlet to the application tool. A hose connects the two systems or dispatches air and water flow to the action site. The compressed air may be used for functioning a nail-gun, sander, paint guns, and many other appliances and tools that don’t work on electricity. Water hoses may be used to deliver water for removing loose paint, grime, mold, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces such as vehicles, buildings, and concrete surfaces. The compressor may be stationary, and the application tool or site may be distant from it.

He further stated, “Body material of the hoses is essential. Generally, an air water hose manufacturer can use Polyurethane, a polymer of organic units linked by urethane or carbamate linkage to manufacture high-pressure hoses. This compound is lightweight, resilient, flexible, and can withstand friction to some extent. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is another material that is composed of thermoplastic polymers and is used to make hoses for special applications. They can withstand a high pressure of up to 145 PSI or more. Rubber, however, is the most preferred for hoses. Rubber is abrasion resistant, can withstand high temperatures and pressure and is highly flexible.”

Care and maintenance are critical to extending the life of the air or water hose significantly. Even with the best UV resistant hoses, long-term sun exposure can be the worst threat to the life of your hose. If it’s possible, store the hoses away from the sun when not in use. With the above information in mind, one should be able to find a hose that meets the needs and will offer many years of excellent service.

About JRE Private Limited

Based in Mumbai, JRE Private Limited has kept its dominance in the flexible hose assembly production niche segment as the best rubber hose manufacturer. It designs, manufactures and supplies superior yet cost-effective corrugated SS flexible hoses, bore flexible hose, thermoplastic composite hose, breakaway coupling, PVC hose, marine loading arms, quick release hose connections among many more.

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