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JRE Private Ltd 35, 3rd Floor, Mistry Building, Above Allahabad Bank, 635 J.S.S Road (Metro Si...

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JRE Private Limited is a Leading Hose Manufacturer in India
JRE is a pioneer in the field of flexible hose assemblies with its in-house modern technology to produce the most exceptional quality product for any application and industry., 12/04/2018 - Mumbai, India – November 21, 2018 - JRE Private Limited was founded in 1981 by Late Shri. J.M. Mehta Founder of JR Group of Companies including J. Rosales Pvt.Ltd& Royal India Corporation with a goal to become the top manufacturer of flexible hose assemblies and to offer services to each Industry where flexible connections are needed. The firm commenced its operations with low-pressure rubber hoses followed by specialized tubes suitable for downstream, steel, upstream, midstream, defense, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical Industries. Over the years the organization also diversified as a technology service provider of various companies from across the world.

Explaining why they are the best stainless steel hose manufacturer, the Managing Director said, “The main application of Stainless Steel Corrugated hose assemblies is where synthetic rubber hoses & plastic hoses do not work well, i.e. for hot water, steam, condensate, gas, corrosive liquids, acids, ammonia, carbonic & tartaric acids, tannic acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, dyestuff, mercury, etc.”

Hoses are hollow tubes that are flexible. Hoses are used for carrying fluids between two locations. They are also called sometimes pipes, but a hose is being flexible while a pipe is just a rigid tube. Common factors in hose design are length, weight, size, chemical compatibility, and pressure rating. Hoses can be built from a combination of various materials. The most used materials for Product Design Prototypes are PVC, polyethylene, polyurethane, nylon, and natural or synthetic rubbers. The materials are selected for various hose applications based on the pressure rating and environment needed.

He further stated, “Some hoses are used to transport air or other gases, while others are used for water and other various liquid environments. Hoses that carry fluids through a fluid or air environment are being typically used with nozzles, flanges, spigots, and clamps to control the flow of the fluids. Hoses for industrial gases include low-pressure hoses as well as powerful ones. Aspects such as safety factors, required standards, gas flow, electrostatic properties, gas permeation, working temperature, working pressure and type of gas are taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate hose for industrial gas. For instance, when you buy nitrogen hose, it’s a high-pressure hose used for carrying nitrogen gas. A nitrogen hose is usually made of a stainless steel double braid outer, with PTFE liner.”

Users should consider the pressure that the machine can exert on the hose and the kind of water force that they want to flow out for a particular task. One needs to decide on the size of the hose that they need and also the viscosity of the fluid that is going to be used for the cleaning purpose to make sure that the hose works correctly and would serve the purpose well. In case too much pressure is applied on the hose, then that might shorten its overall life.

About JRE Private Limited

JRE is a pioneer in the field of flexible hose assemblies with its in-house modern technology to produce the most exceptional quality product for any application and industry. JRE is very well known within India and in the world market with a proven track record for quality and customer satisfaction.

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