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Know More about Utility Vehicles with BP Auto Spares India
BP Auto Spares India is a leading supplier of spares of vehicles. The team of the organization spoke about utility and public utility vehicles., 7/08/2015 - BP Auto Spares India is a premier organization that supplies spares of various vehicles, including MAN Parts. At a recent Press Release the management team of the organization discussed about various utility and public utility vehicles.

The CEO of the organization spoke about MAN Trucks India (MTI) a leading manufacturer of vehicles and said, “The organization began its operations in 2006 in India. It caters to the heavy vehicle segment of the country and exports a range of automobile to various countries in the Asian and African continents.”

Speaking about utility vehicles, he said, “Utility vehicles are motorized machines that perform particular functions, such as transportation of luggage, carrying passengers, and more. They are built to fulfil specific tasks. The first vehicle from this segment in our list is the Military Utility Vehicle which is also called the Armoured Vehicle. As the name suggests, these are used by the military forces. Next, in our list is the Sports Utility Vehicle, which is one of the most common passenger vehicles. These look like station wagons and come with a 4-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive.”

Speaking about other utility vehicles, he said, “MUVs or Multi Utility Vehicles are very popular automobiles of this segment. These are used for carrying passengers and come with a higher luggage capacity too. These days, CUVs or Crossover Utility Vehicles are popular too. These look like SUVs, but are based on a car chassis.”

Speaking about his own organization he said, “We are suppliers of a range of MAN Spare Parts, including MAN Truck Parts. Irrespective of the type of vehicle you own, you may contact us for spares of various vehicles. We have an experienced team who would always be ready and happy to assist.”

Next, he spoke about public utility vehicles. In this regard he said, “The main purpose of these vehicles is to provide services that would benefit the public at large. The most common ones include Foam Tenders & Nursers, Water Tenders, Refinery/ Industrial Foam Tenders, DCP Tenders, Rescue Trucks/ Water Canon/ Riot Control Trucks, Turntable Ladder/ Aerial Platform Ladders, Garbage Compactors, Road Sweepers, Sewer Cleaners/ Jetting Units, and more. These machines provide various services, including fire fighting, protecting the environment through gas & oil alarms, managing natural disasters, collection, handling & storage of recyclable garbage materials, cleaning roads, cleaning sewers, and more. Irrespective of the vehicle you own, contact us for your spare parts needs.

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