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Kwick Metrics

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KwickMetrics Helps Companies Organize and Analyse Their Sales Performance
KwickMetrics is a top business intelligence and analytics tool in India. It offers a 14-day free trial. Thus, clients have the chance to test the app's features., 8/05/2022 - KwickMetrics offers helpful business insights and reports. It is designed to be accessed via several web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Clients also have the option of downloading the app from the Apple store and Google Play store. Thus, one can enjoy using the tool on their mobile phones. The tool helps reduce human errors. It has excellent features that enable clients to stay informed and educated about their business.

Speaking about business alerts, the company spokesperson said, "Our app monitors one's business and notifies them at the right time about important updates. We offer business alerts for events such as returns, price mismatch, and many more. Thus, clients can rest assured of never missing vital business alerts. We also provide clients with the option of creating custom business alerts with different conditions based on their requirements."

Wondering where to find an Amazon seller central management software download? KwickMetrics is the perfect tool for individuals tired of analyzing and organizing the performance and sales of a particular collection, color, design, or size of their products. It has a category feature that allows one to overcome such issues. The feature also assists one in saving time. This is because it enables one to organize their items into several categories and hierarchically maintain them. The feature is user-friendly as one can use various modes, including regular, compact, or detail to view products at their convenience.

The company spokesperson said, "Creating detailed and elaborate custom category trees can be a daunting task, especially if one has a large warehouse of different items. Our tool allows one to import their category tree structure by uploading their data file in CSV format for every root category. It has custom tags that one can apply to every node in the category tree. The tags can be used to filter data in the returns report and sales order report."

KwickMetrics has made it easy for clients to make critical business decisions. It is one of the best Amazon sales tracker app in the world. The tool offers a detailed sales comparison chart. This allows one to compare their units, orders, or revenue-wise sales with the previous and selected periods. The app's developers aim to make searching as smooth as possible for clients. That is why they have implemented a unique filter option to search for the orders one wants. The filter feature enables one to filter orders based on units, payment method, SKU, revenue, channel order ID, and many more.

About KwickMetrics

KwickMetrics is a top business intelligence and analytics tool in India. It offers a 14-day free trial. Thus, clients have the chance to test the app's features. The tool has an online bot that can respond to questions about the pricing. The bot also assists clients in selecting the right plan. Thus, clients can be sure of saving some money.

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