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Bruce Zahn

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La Quinta Country Club Offers the Palm Desert Country Clubs Prestigious Rules To All Members
Palm desert country clubs offers members the ability to learn the game in every possible way., 1/04/2014 - The rule of the month for La Quinta Country Club, a precision club, part of the palm desert country club circuit has always been interesting. This month of January, the club reiterates an important rule for many of it’s players. This includes both guests and those that are members at the club. Palm desert country clubs ensure that all of the players are informed and adhere to the La Quinta country club rules. Yet from time to time it’s important to refresh club rules.

Members can simply look on the back of the scorecard. The local rules are important for players to take a look at. They offer options of relief and knowing the rules helps players gain those extra benefits. One of the local rules that is part and parcel of the bunch includes the rule that players can take relief from the sprinkler head within two club lengths of the green. If the ball is laying within two club lengths of the sprinkler head. The provisons of this rule state if both parts are met, the relief is applied to the line of play. If you are within the two club length margins, then La Quinta Country club states that you would have to putt or chip with a sprinkler head near you with the intended line to the hole then again, players can take a relief for free. Other rules that this prestigious palm desert country clubwants to make sure that players are aware of includes the rule that the ball should be lifted and dropped at the nearest point to where the balls lay. It’s that simple. But, for players that are not reading the back of the score then the procedure can take a long time.

Palm desert country clubs offers members the ability to learn the game in every possible way. In many ways, La Quinta country club is dedicated toward offering all members consistent training on the proper ways in which golf should be played. Knowing the local rules at any of the palm desert country clubs will certainly ensure that playing the game will be a whole new experience.

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