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Lasik Eye Surgery From San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision
San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision combines experience, training, and innovative technology to provide their patients with the safest, most effective Lasik treatment possible., 4/08/2014 - San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision has offered Lasik treatments to San Diego residents for more than 14 years. The company combines excellent care with state-of-the-art technology to provide patients and clients with safe and affordable Lasik surgery.

About San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision

Located in San Diego, California, San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision's surgeons have performed over 75,000 surgeries to date. The clinic's Harvard-trained lead surgeon, Dr. Yaghouti, is a specialist in corrective eye procedures. The rest of Global Laser Vision's team is comprised of skilled specialists that are capable of correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, and astigmatisms.

In terms of payment plans, Global Laser Vision offers 0% interest and special financing opportunities.

Services Offered by San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision

San Diego Lasik Center is known for the wide range of Lasik-related services they offer their patients. More specifically, the eye surgery clinic performs refractive surgery, various optical services, pterygium excision, cataract treatment, and keratoconus treatments.

Besides surgery, the clinic is also capable of carrying out general eye examinations and fitting you with contacts or designer eyeglasses. San Diego Lasik Center carries the latest prescription glasses from Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Guess, Ray Ban, Prada, Versace, Giorgio Armani amongst others.

Benefits of Choosing San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision

Global Laser Vision is one of the most respected Lasik vision centers in the United States because the clinic's team of highly-trained doctors and other staff members customize each Lasik procedure to the specific needs of the patient.

San Diego Lasik Center also uses top-of-the-line Lasik eye surgery equipment, such as the innovative IntraLase bladeless laser technology. Before IntraLase was introduced, Lasik surgeons would use a microkeratome which is a blade containing micro-instrument to create a skin flap on the patient's cornea. Although Lasik is generally a very safe procedure, using a microkeratome was rarely associated with a potential flap complications unique to the use of microkeratomes.

The specialists at San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision were aware of this risk, which is why they decided to have the IntraLase laser installed in their clinic. This laser completely eliminates the need for the use of microkeratome and thereby eliminates microkeratome related risks.

Other Lasik Technologies

Another new Lasik technology used by the team at San Diego Lasik Center is the VISX Eye Tracking System. VISX laser platform includes a computer software program that tracks the movements of the patient's eyes during a Lasik procedure. The VISK system will adjust the laser to compensate for these eye movements to ensure that the laser is accurate and precise all throughout the LASIK procedure.

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