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Lewis and Matthews, P.C. Provides Legal Assistance on Colorado Divorce Modifications
Lewis and Matthews, P.C., a well-established law office in Denver, Colorado, assists clients regarding divorce modifications. The team is experienced in various areas of practice, including divorce and child custody, among others., 5/15/2016 - [Denver, May 16, 2016] - Lewis and Matthews, P.C., a reputable law office in Denver, Colorado, advises clients regarding divorce modifications. The team is composed of an attorney, two attorneys of counsel, a paralegal and a financial manager. They provide assistance in various legal matters including divorce, child custody, and marital agreements, among others.

Colorado Divorce Modifications

Following a divorce, a number of changes happen. In addition to the family dynamics, legal agreements between estranged spouses may also require modifications. If the court already has a ruling, but the arrangement did not work out as planned, can one of the parties file for modification?

Lewis and Matthews, P.C. says they can, and the law firm will provide the necessary guidance to see their clients through during the process.

Issues Following a Divorce

Several issues come after divorce proceedings, and while both parties may have reached an agreement, there are times when the circumstances change. That is why court decisions may not work out well during these times. Some legal concerns that may be subject to modifications are:

• Parenting Plan

When a spouse files for modification to change parenting time, residence, and decision-making, the court will decide whether it’s in the child’s best interest. The court sees whether it affects the time spent with each parent or the child’s wellbeing before granting the request.

• Child Support

Individuals paying or receiving child support may file for modification, provided that they meet certain conditions concerning their income and the child’s financial needs.

• Maintenance

The court may grant requests for changes if the spouses’ settlement indicates that their alimony is modifiable. If it isn’t, then both parties can’t make changes.

Jennifer Lewis, the law office’s lead attorney, understands that the process may be complicated and stressful for clients. As such, she takes a patient and personal approach when dealing with their concerns. Along with the team, she helps their clients form a strategy to get fair results. Through her experience and compassion, clients are able to understand and cope with their situation better.

About Lewis and Matthews, P.C.

Lewis and Matthews, P.C. is a trusted law office in Denver, Colorado. Their team has a wealth of knowledge in various areas of practice, including divorce and family law. The office’s lead attorney is Jennifer Lewis, who has over 27 years of experience in the field. For more information, clients may visit

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