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Many countries cannot produce enough face masks for their citizens, so let's get to know the leading exporters of face masks during the COVID-19 epidemic., 11/28/2021 - Amid the coronavirus's chaotic situation, wearing masks has been made mandatory in many regions around the globe. Many countries cannot achieve self-sufficiency in medical production, namely face masks, making them in higher demand than ever before.

This situation causes severe shortages in different countries and necessitates face masks trades among nations. So, which are the leading exporters of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic? For now, scroll down for more information.

The Top Exporters Of Face Masks During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Despite seeming to be the epicentre of coronavirus at the first stage, China comes out on top regarding the number of face masks exported. While the pandemic shows no sign of letting up, China's medical exports, especially masks, have been on the rise. During the highest point of the epidemic, China exported more face masks than any other country. This encouraging situation constitutes an integral part of its economy and has created millions of jobs simultaneously.

According to 2019 statistics, the country provided one-fourth of exports of face masks worldwide. However, until the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the number of masks manufactured in China made up about 50% of the global production. It was estimated that by the end of March, China made 200 million masks a day to satisfy too great demands worldwide.

The US

Being the country with the most coronavirus cases, the US remains one of the gigantic face masks. Data collected in 2019 shows that the nation made $100 million from exports of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, making it the second-largest exporter after Germany when it comes to medical products.

Within January and February 2020, American companies exported more than $17.5 million worth of face masks to China alone, much more significant than any similar period in the past decade.


In 2019, Germany was the driving force in exporting medical commodities abroad. The country managed to have its masks used in such demanding markets as the USA, the UK, Denmark, France, and one of China's leading suppliers. Jen Spahn, Ministry of Health, said that the country would start producing tens of millions of masks from August to meet global demands.


Japan provided nearly 5% of medical goods worldwide in 2019 and was ranked fourth in the list. The country managed to end its COVID-19 state of emergency in May and was reported to produce 100 million face masks a day, which was three times greater than its ordinary volume. To achieve this, Japanese manufacturers had no choice but to operate 24 hours a day.


Being one of the nations with the most effective policies against COVID-19, Vietnam has been producing more face masks than it needs. Therefore, the country's overseas exports of face masks have risen dramatically due to the severe shortages in other regions around the world. Vietnam Customs data shows that in the first four months of 2020, Vietnam exported over 415 million face masks.

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