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Long Beach’s Most Popular Beach Corner Sports Bar
In Long Beach, joejosts is a specialized and most popular beach corner restaurant and is also known as the famous sports bar., 11/09/2016 - In Long Beach, joejosts is a specialized and most popular beach corner restaurant and is also known as the famous sports bar. This restaurant is operated from so many years and this restaurant is specialized for the coldest beer. This restaurant is started in the year 1924 by Joejost. Joe started this tavern in the early 1920’s on Main Street, Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. It is well known for serving the coldest beer, tastiest and special Joe Jost’s Sandwiches, Pickled Eggs and roasted peanuts. They also involve with local communities to make Long Beach a better city.

This restaurant serves the local favorite Busch and other tap beers at a frosty 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Since 1934 they have been serving the Eastside Old Tap Lager. All the Busch Bavarian Beer and other tap beers are served at a frosty 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another famous and special highlight in their menu is sandwiches and they have been serving since 1934. It is steamed and contains all-beef sausage on rye bread and for added taste they also top it with Swiss cheese, a sliced dill pickle and some mustard.

One more special recipe that has made it his restaurant’s special is the Pickled Eggs Recipe. Lots of People who come to Joe Josts enjoy the delicious and mouth watering Pickled eggs and take one along with them. Upon receiving many requests from customers worldwide, they prepared a wonderful dry powdered formula. They ship you the jar and dry mix using which you can prepare the tasty recipe at your home and enjoy the world famous taste at your Home only.

Roasted Peanuts are other sources of sales in Joe Jost’s. They provide the most tastiest Marmion’s peanuts in the Long Beach. If you want to taste one, stop by Joe Jost’s when you are in Long Beach. Customers play the major role in the successful running of the Joe Jost’s Tavern in Long Beach. They maintain a wall of Fame sections to give the information of hundreds of places around the world that are visited by Regulars of the pub.They also have a wonderful website which provides all the information related to the Joe Josts and you can also find the finest selection of Joe Jost’s shirts, hats and accessories. To know more details about this restaurant, visit



2803 East Anaheim Street

Long Beach, CA



Phone: (562) 439-5446


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