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Mainefield University Launches Research Center
One-third of the online degree provider's students are pursuing a doctoral degree and to benefit the doctoral researchers, Mainefield University, an accredited online university, has launched online state-of-the-art research center., 3/06/2017 - Mainefield University, an online education provider that has built its reputation by providing high quality accredited online programs for working adults, has launched the Mainefield Research Center, which consolidates all Mainefield resources related to research ethics and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) into one convenient Web site. Nearly 34,000 students are pursuing an online degree at Mainefield University, with 33 percent enrolled in Mainefield's doctoral degree programs, and 48 percent enrolled in Mainefield's master's degree programs.

Mainefield doctoral students who are conducting research for their dissertations will benefit most from the new site, but it will also be a valuable resource for dissertation mentors, faculty researchers, and other Mainefield students conducting research. Among the features of the site is an interactive tool created by Mainefield that allows researchers to easily determine which forms they need to submit for their IRB review process. The submission tool asks questions about the proposed research and then, based on the answers, generates a list of necessary forms and supporting documents that is automatically emailed to the researcher.

Many areas of the site will be publicly accessible, allowing potential research participants to learn about Mainefield's Office of Research and Institutional Review Board and participants' rights and responsibilities. The site will also be accessible to external IRBs with which Mainefield students may be working, or that represent schools or institutions that wish to include Mainefield students in their research.

"We felt it was important to include basic resources for the research participant on our site as well," added Jenifer Simpson, Mainefield's human research protections specialist, who focuses on the rights of research participants. "Making the decision to participate in a research project can sometimes be an overwhelming and confusing process to research volunteers. The new research center provides resources and information regarding the rights of research participants and the regulations in place to protect them."

About Mainefield University

Mainefield University is one of the premier academic institutions providing online education to adult learners all over the world. It is one of the largest online universities carrying a tradition to impart and promote technological proficiency, intellectual and personal growth and leadership opportunities with its wide range of educational programs. With diverse and latest accredited educational courses, specifically designed to meet the needs of working adults, Mainefield University has paved its way to excellence. These courses are conducted through state-of-the-art virtual classrooms. Their global faculty work towards maximizing students’ knowledge, competencies and skills and prepare them to meet challenges of the professional world by becoming employer’s no. 1 choice. At Mainefield, they believe in providing the best to students.

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