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International Franchise Law
International Franchise Law
5335 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Suite 440
Washington D.C

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Mario L. Herman Offers Legal Assistance in International Master Franchising
Mario L. Herman is an attorney with a broad range of international experience in franchise law., 3/31/2022 - Mario L. Herman is a solo practitioner specializing in franchise law in the US and internationally. He offers a full range of services to prospective franchisees, including advising clients on the steps to follow before purchasing a franchise business and the legal consequences of selling one. The attorney has assisted franchisees in various industries, including printing, real estate, hotel, restaurant, fitness center, domestic services, health, and wellness center, etc. He has represented franchisees affiliated with more than 115 franchise systems in the US.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, "Using mediation to resolve business disputes is better than the costly alternative of going to court. Mediation is done voluntarily, where the disputing parties consult the mediator to work out a solution to resolve business conflicts. It can be considered a better conflict resolution approach than business litigation. This is because mediation is usually less time-consuming, cheaper, and predictable than litigations and allows the disputing parties to innovate an ideal and practical solution for their conflict."

It can be a very lucrative business opportunity when it comes to mastering franchising in the US. However, suppose one considers buying a master franchise in the country. In that case, they will need to painstakingly plan and seek the advice of an experienced international  master franchise attorney in the USA

Mr. Herman can assist anyone in purchasing a master franchise. He can help them find answers to questions such as how much support can you get from a US-based franchisor? How will one recruit, train and support their franchisees? And more. He is an international master franchise attorney with over 33 years of experience representing franchisees in the US and abroad. So, contact the attorney today to discuss master franchising in the US.

The company spokesperson added, "It should be the objective of all international businesses to have efficient and predictable resolution mechanisms for emerging conflicts. With the mediation approach, they will be able to resolve conflicts in a friendly way, safeguarding their working relationship and business interests. For more insight, clients can contact us."

Furthermore, clients can get their master franchise agreement analyzed and reviewed. Also, he can assist them with operating their franchises and selling their franchises. Not only has he assisted clients in the US with franchising, but he has also extended his assistance to clients in China, Mexico, Poland, and more. So, no matter where a client is, the attorney can help them with their master franchising. In addition, the attorney also offers an  international franchise arbitration service. He represents clients in franchise disputes that include trademark violations, franchise agreements, territorial encroachment, quality control, future royalties disputes, etc.

About Mario L. Herman

Mario L. Herman is an attorney with a broad range of international experience in franchise law. His service also extends in assisting clients in understanding the mediation clause. To arrange a consultation, clients should consider visiting his website

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